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Bali Travel Offers Adventure, Wonder and History

The world is chock full of destinations that are all worthy of consideration when it’s time to make holiday plans. There are not many places, however, that can compare to a particular island in the Indonesian archipelago. Bali travel melds adventure, history and wonder into a single experience that is virtually certain to create memories to last a lifetime.

Located only a few hours away from Australia by plane, this unusual destination packs a great deal of fun into 5,632 square kilometers. Here holidaymakers will find weather that is perfect practically year round. With warm tropical temperatures ranging between 20 and 33 degrees Celsius no matter the time of year, visitors to Bali are often surprised to find sunny days dominate even in the thick of the rainy season.

When Bali travel is under consideration, potential holidaymakers will find these reasons tend to draw travelers from all over the world like moths to a flame:

– The outdoor splendor – Bali is famous for its breathtaking geography. The island is surrounded by warm turquoise waters that lap at white sandy beaches. From quiet lagoons just right for swimming and snorkeling to more “active” beaches that call to surfers and adventure sports lovers, the waters here are ideal for year round fun. Whilst the beaches are certainly a draw, they are not the only outdoor wonder that awaits those planning Bali travel. This island is also famous for its lush tropical forests, active volcanoes, tiered rice paddies and incredible lakes and waterfalls.

– The history – Bali has a history that dates back thousands of years. Evidence of its most early inhabitants can be found in a variety of sites all over the island. From the temples in the Mount Agung complex to the wonderment of the Tanah Lot, visitors here will learn much about the peoples and cultures that have touched Bali throughout the ages. With its strong ties to the Hindu religion, holidaymakers will discover that many of the island’s most splendid outdoor attractions have also served as places connected deeply to religion through the ages.

– The culture – Balinese culture is known for its distinct arts, form of dance and cuisine. Those who plan Bali travel will find themselves arriving on a island that is known the world over for its welcoming hospitality and unique traditions.

– The adventures – Bali is one of the few places in the world where people can get up close and personal with gray monkeys, elephants and a variety of other tropical creatures all on a single vacation. If fauna doesn’t appeal, those on Bali tours will find that plenty of other adventures await. Bali tours can unlock adventures that are found nowhere else in the world. From Odyssey Submarine trips that take holidaymakers into the depths that surround the island to a trip to the 11th century Elephant Cave, there is no shortage of opportunities to do and see things that cannot be experienced anywhere else.

When an experience like nothing else is desired, Bali travel will deliver. Combining adventure, wonder and history, this legendary island offers holidaymakers an opportunity to explore paradise on earth.

Know What All Bali Has to Offer

Bali is a great place to visit during the holidays. Bali is popular for snorkeling and scuba diving sites that are considered to be the best diving sites on earth. Some of the famous destinations worth visiting in Bali include the Menjangan Island that is located off North-West coast. The amazing reefs and sights off the Nusa Penida are other attractions to be enjoyed in Bali. A large number of visitors find that they have fallen for diving and so they often choose to know the SSI or PADI diving qualifications while being in Bali.

Like various south East Asian places, even Bali is a home to various scintillating waterfalls that serve as the chief attractions of this island. You might find yourself lost while on a trekking expedition through the thick canopied forests. Various resorts in Bali are always happy to help the travelers for arranging treks through jungles.

In fact, there is no point going to Bali and not using the emerald waters that surround this island. The seas that surround Bali flaunt some spectacular coral reefs. Also, the fact that there are a plethora of luxurious cruises in Bali, you don’t have to worry about spending great time with your family and friends. On these cruises, you can easily visit the amazing Lembongan Island.

Bali is even world known for the Hindu temples it has. The island is featured with a law that demands every village to serve as a home to at least three temples and so there are a variety of temples to see in Bali. In fact, there is something mystical and exclusive about this island and so a visit to the temples is a great experience for all the visitors. However it is imperative to keep in mind that there is a special dress code when you enter these temples and you need to be respectful while being at these places of worship.

If you really wish to visit paradise during your vacations, Bali is the best place. The unspoiled and young nature of the beaches in Bali is one of the biggest attractions of this island. The palm fringed sands are actually relaxing and inspiring for all the visitors. A large number of travelers wish to enjoy a luxury hotel with beach holidaying and so they take special packages that include water activities and Bali trips. The Nusa Penida and Menjangan Island are really famous for water sports they offer along with scuba diving and other activities.

In short, visiting Bali is just incomplete without enjoying the rice paddies of this land. The fields are scattered over miles and miles and make terraced rows that are just perfect to see. Even the stretch between Amplapura and Candidasa is the most popular region to see rice paddies and thus various tourists wish to take this route through a bicycle- getting fresh air while enjoying the countryside.

So wait no more and pack your bags to indulge in pure nature and take pleasure in exceptional Bali attractions.

Uluwatu Villas – The Real Balinese Experience

Bali is one of the most beautiful places to visit in the world. Located in the archipelago of Indonesia, it has plenty of gorgeous white sand beaches and a strong Hindu culture. The Balinese people are probably the most spiritual people on Earth. It is no wonder that for Indonesians, Bali is known as the Island of the Gods.

The moment you arrive in Bali, you will feel the balance between pleasure and leisure of this paradise island. Bali has many places to visit and plenty of activities to do. You can see traditional dances, witness cultural events or traditional ceremonies, do all sorts of water sports or enjoy the nightlife scene. At the same time, Bali also offers a peaceful and serene atmosphere that you can’t get anywhere else in the world.

If you are looking for a more quite getaway, you should stay away from the more touristy places such as Kuta. The best way to enjoy Bali is to go to the more secluded areas like Uluwatu. Uluwatu is located in the southern tip of Bali. It is famous for its Pura Luhur Uluwatu, a Hindu temple that is located on top of a steep rocky cliff overlooking the ocean. It is probably the most stunning temple on the paradise island. Uluwatu is also famous for its traditional dance, the Kecak. And if you happen to love water sports, Uluwatu also has the most perfect beach for you.

If you choose to stay in Uluwatu, it is best if you rent your own private villa. Not for the faint hearted, most of the villas in Uluwatu are located on top of a cliff, overlooking the sea. There you can enjoy the cool sea breeze and the relaxing sound of sea waves all throughout the day. These private villas do not only provide you with beautiful scenery, but they also provide you with the comfort and luxury of a five star hotel. You can get a private driver, cook as well as butler.

Imagine staying in a luxury villa surrounded by a gorgeous garden of frangipani and palm trees. Picture yourself watching the sunset from the terrace, enjoying a romantic evening with your loved one. Staying in a villa will definitely provide you with a quiet and relaxing getaway, where you can be far away from the hustle and bustle of the city life, and be entertained by the beauty of the nature that is around you. There is really no better way of spending your holiday in Bali other than this.