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Bali Honeymoon Packages: Accommodate Honeymooners of All Budget Ranges

Bali, the island of magic, wonder and unspoilt beauty presents the perfect ambiance for the honeymooners to enjoy a memorable honeymoon. With Bali honeymoon packages you can actually learn what the words “scenic beauty” and “breathtaking beaches” exactly means. The soothing ambiance, the natural and pure environment and heavenly feel can only be experienced through Bali tour packages.

High end villas at your disposal

When you are searching for the perfect accommodation facilities in your Bali tour packages, you are actually in for a surprise! You will find numerous options for accommodations in Bali. Apart from the large number of hotels, you will also discover that Bali is the home to various high end private villas. There are times when the tourists look out peace and tranquility and therefore demand accommodations accordingly while booking their Bali honeymoon packages. With the ever increasing demand for the secluded and private resorts, the number of the private villas is also on the rise in Bali. These villas will not only furnish quiet and peaceful atmosphere but also offers amenities similar to a five star hotel. From magnificent rooms, private swimming pools, splendid spas, luxurious rooms, mouth watering delicacies to enticing pubs, Bali villas offer it all to the tourists.

If you want to spend your honeymoon in a beachside villa, you can always book Bali honeymoon packages in Nusa Dua, Uluwatu or Canggu. There is also no need to ponder much about the budget. You can discover Bali Tour packages which accommodates all budget ranges. If you desire for a luxurious stay, you can find similar packages or if your budget is limited, you can still obtain cheap but comfortable Bali honeymoon packages.

Enjoy the enthralling nightlife

If you love parties and are looking forward towards plethora of entertainment and rocking music while planning your Bali tour packages, the nightlife of Bali will just take your breathe away. The pubs, clubs and countless restaurants of Bali will give you a glimpse of the enthralling and colorful nightlife.

Bali may be a small island, but the fun, adventure, spectacular view and entertainment that it provides to the tourists are limitless! Just the testimony of thousands of satisfied vacationers will confirm that the Bali tour packages make the best option to make the full utilization of your holidays. The different flavored food items, spas treatments, beaches and the hiking trail to the active volcano will marks the Bali tour as a complete package. To avail the unlimited fun and delight you will discover that one trip is simply not enough! You will keep on wanting for more and are sure to book another Bali package soon.

Bali Luxury Villas Offer Feasts of All Types

Bali is a beautiful Indonesian island, which is a perfect feast to the eyes. Its unending vista of lovely beaches, black and white sands, shallow rivers, an active volcano, and temples situated on the slopes of hills together make it a point on earth where nature is showing one of its most seductive faces. The place is so alluring that it is one of the ideal spots for people trying to be in perfect harmony with nature. And this harmonizing process can be done best by living in any one of the Bali vacation villas that dot the land.

The Balinese culture is also a feast for the eyes. Their numerous dance forms like the colorful masked dances, the Balinese opera of elaborate costumes that combines in it music, dance, and extempore dialogue, and many other forms of ceremonial dances, are all an eyeful that tourists can always feast on. For people who stay in the Bali luxury villas, there are provisions for some of these dances to be shown at places included in package tours. However, for those who are dance-music enthusiasts it is best to book their Bali luxury villas during the June-July months when they have the lengthy Bali Arts Festival that extends for days.

The Bali vacation villas are themselves a visual feast of a different type. These are complete units in themselves with swimming pools of sparkling waters; Jacuzzis, spas, gardens, pathways and staircases of beautifully carved Palimanan stones, and exquisitely designed lounges and dining spaces. The Balinese people have a lot of expertise in flower decoration and in special Bali vacation villas like honeymoon specials, different types of flower decorations greatly enhances the beauty of the place.

Besides all these metaphorical feasts, Bali luxury villas offer real food fiestas also to their customers. Guests are provided with expert chefs who can whip up delicacies easily and also manage small parties. Breakfast is a la carte in most of these villas. Guests are also given the choice of getting food from various eateries that dot nearby streets. These restaurants have menus that are variously Chinese, Korean, Mexican, American, Continental, or others. The staff running Bali vacation villas can arrange any of these foods to be delivered at the villa.

Indonesian special foods served at many of the restaurants as well as the Bali luxury villas are mainly fried rice and fried noodles known locally as nasi goreng and mie goreng respectively. Those who want to try food that is more diverse and local can also try the food from ‘kaki lima’, as the local roadside food vendors are referred to in Bali. A meatball soup known as bakso, spicy vegetables known as rujak cingur, and spicy vegetables with tofu are among the delicacies they peddle. Besides that there are other specialties like duck, fish, etc. roasted with herbs and wrapped in banana leaves.

Bali vacation villas may not offer the kaki lima menu, but guests can have easy access to such foods directly or can request the villa staff to get it from the vendors. The food is sold by the kaki lima from mobile carts where the food is kept warm all the time with a burner.

It Burned Through the Soles of My Boots

The ground grew hot under foot. The gods on the island of Bali trembled on their stone pedestals. An explosion about 200 years before had scooped out an enormous crater and from its rim formed tile islands of the Krakatoa group. The old volcano seemed all hut dead and its faint rumblings could alarm nobody but superstitious Malays. Even when the Dutch captain Ferzenaar arrived in Batavia with a report of two new volcanoes, which had appeared, on Krakatoa, the Dutch were not impressed. Two new volcanoes-why, there were scores of volcanoes in Indonesia, many of them active, and it could hardly matter if there were two more; besides, Krakatoa was almost a hundred miles away. “The ground was so hot it burned right through the soles of my boots,” Captain Ferzenaar had said.

Well, if it was that warm on Krakatoa the few natives who lived there would have to take to their boats and wait until the island cooled off. Meanwhile the old mountain was gathering its strength. It had two allies now, the two new volcanoes that Ferzenaar had seen and which the natives called Danan and Perboewatan. They had appeared half a dozen years before-not volcanoes at first but geysers spitting juts of white steam in the shallow inland sea of Krakatoa. Cones of mud had formed around the geysers, then solid land, and they had started to move toward Krakatoa itself, one presided from the center of the inland sea, the other from the north. Danan and Perboewatan kept growing larger, and kept moving. From time to time thev hurled pumice and blocks of obsidian into the air: then they moved on, relentlessly, and finally merged their masses with the island.

But even then their movement did not stop; they pushed on, their enormous weight upsetting the foundations of the island and compressing the fiery lava pocket underneath. Captain Ferzenaar had visited the island on August 11. 1883; he was the last white man to set foot on Krakatoa before the eruption. The heat, which had burned through the soles of his boots, was now making life unbearable for the natives. They packed their belongings and set out in their prows for Sesebv and Pulau Panaitan and other islands in the Sunda Strait, or for the near-by coasts of Sumatra and Java. Krakatoa was making navigation difficult. Several captains turned back when they saw the narrows covered with a foot-thick layer of cinders; ploughing through them was like sailing through an evil-smelling swamp.

Other skippers braved the heat and the volcanic bombs, which plunged into the ocean and sent up columns of steam. Among them was the captain of an American freighter who battened down the hatches and calmly sailed through the hissing sea. His cargo-kerosene! No one after him attempted the passage.