Bali: A Nature’s Temple

Bali is full of natural wonders which have been converted to tourist spots so that you can enjoy the beauty of the Island. One of the most sought after hot spots is the Gitgit village which is located on a mountainous landscape. This is where you will find the beautiful Gitgit Waterfall which can be viewed from the parking space allocated at the bottom of the area. The specialty of this Gitgit waterfall is that it is surrounded by rich green vegetation. You will find concrete footpaths which leads you towards the waterfall. The Gitgit waterfall is surrounded by clove tress and coffee trees to give a very pleasing atmosphere.

Gitgit waterfall is good place to take a stroll especially if you are a nature lover as you will find different species of birds. The air around the area is much cooler and can even get colder as you approach the waterfall. You will also find yourself taking a chill shower as the spray of water will cool your body. Occasionally, the area gets misty and it’s a sight that will just take your breath away. Gitgit waterfall is bombarded with people during weekends and you will find a mixture between locals and foreigners who come to visit this magnificent waterfall. Some have a shower by going to the waterfall, whilst others just enjoy this scenic beauty and get swept away by the moments.

If you looking for a real Balinese natural wonder experience, then the sacred hot springs known as ”Air Panas” of Banjar is the place to be visited. The sacred hot springs can be found in a tropical garden in the midst of a jungle. This is closely situated to the Lovina Beach and comprises of three public pools and one private pool. The specialty of these spring pools is that they contain sulfuric water which is originated from the volcano and has a temperature of 37 degrees. It’s known for its healing powers and people suffering from rheumatic diseases are said to be cured if they bathe in the spring pool.

The spring pools consists of eight stone ‘Nagas’ which are mythical dragon type creatures, through which water gushes to the pool shaped structure. The upper pool then has five Nagas which takes the water to the three of the largest pools which is situated at the lower level.

The Batur Lake in Bali is definitely a place to be visited. Batur Lake is situated in the South central of Batur Village in the Kintamani District. The Batur Lake proves to be an interesting sight and offers a scenic beauty to those visiting it. Batur Lake is about 1500 meters from sea level where the temperature varies around the year. The air around this area is cool and unpolluted hence thousands of tourists as well as locals flock to this area. You can also see the natural beauty of the lava from Mount Batur. The Lake Batur itself is crystal clear and looks magnificent from the hilltop. To get a clearer picture, its best if you climb to the hilltop as you will find the true beauty of Bali.

Bali is never scarce of beautiful places and it’s indeed a true tropical island filled with the most beautiful things in it. It’s definitely a place to be visited especially if you are badly in need of a much wanted vacation.

Travel Advice – How to Travel ‘Green’ In Bali

Bali is one of the most beautiful islands in the world and as visitors we should do everything in our power to reduce our impact on the environment. Like many other tourist destinations, being such a popular place to visit has its disadvantages and a great deal of pressure is placed on the islands limited environmental resources. Local authorities are placed under immense pressure to manage the impact that increasing tourist numbers has on the island.

If you’re planning on travelling to Bali any time in the future I hope you will take a few minutes to read these helpful hints and assist with the preservation of the local environment. We can all play our part to keep Bali beautiful.

Avoid Littering

A fairly obvious starting point but you would be surprised how many people still deposit their rubbish at their feet rather than in a rubbish bin. If by chance there are no bins nearby, keep your litter in a bag or your pocket until you come across one.

Pick Up Any Rubbish You Pass

Exercise a little common sense and good behaviour by stopping to pick up any litter dropped by less careful people and dispose of it correctly. This is the smallest of gestures with fabulous positive effects on others and the environment.

Re-use Your Plastic Bags

Most shops will want to put your purchased goods in plastic bags. Try to avoid accepting them if you can and re-use the bags you have already collected.

Get Around On Foot

There are so many positives to gain from walking. You get some exercise, you help to keep the air clean and you will see so much more than you would in the back of a taxi. Your chances of stumbling across one of Bali’s many hidden gems are also greatly increased.

Take An Eco-Tour

What better way to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Bali than to partake in an Eco-tourism tour. Many companies provide excursions into the untouched wilderness of Bali or the unspoiled coral reefs.

Turn Your Power Off

Leaving your lights and air-conditioning on is a huge waste of valuable electrical energy. It’s always best practice to turn off any power prior to leaving your accommodation.

Eat Out

It can be extremely tempting to relax and unwind with a take-away meal in your hotel room or villa, but the empty food wrappers and containers add up to mountains of trash that end up in the islands landfill or worse, it’s drains, creeks and waterways.

Support Local Industry

The transportation of imported goods consumes much of the world’s fossil fuel resources compared to using products already locally available. By supporting local industries we can also improve the economy of the Balinese community.

Save Water

The availability of clean water is gradually diminishing in Bali due to massive overuse. As visitors we can all do our small part to help by taking shorter showers and using bottled water when brushing our teeth. Refilling your water bottles helps to reduce the waste management problems the island is struggling to cope with.

Any small part we can play to reduce our impact on the environment is a step in the right direction. Bali’s water resources and waste management infrastructure are of great concern to local authorities. If the island is to remain the paradise it is today for generations to come, we will all need to be more considerate of our impact on the environment.

Interesting Places in Bali

For people who are looking for a perfect tropical paradise, then Bali is the best place for them to go. This place is bound with beautiful seashore sceneries and other attractive sightseeing places. Bali is one of the most beautiful places Asia has to offer.

Bali is preferably Indonesia’s most attractive place that is being visited by lots of tourists from around the world. This island is located along the western part of the Lesser Sunda Islands just between Lombok and Java. The place is highly known for the rich culture of its people with extraordinary artistic talents in dance, painting and sculpture. There is more to the eye than just the beauty and the attractiveness in their place but also with the people in it.

This is a sure place to stop by and visit whenever we think of going to Indonesia. It is a perfect place to get away from the crowded places of the city and take time to relax in a serene and peaceful place. Because Bali is an island, it is mostly secluded, and we can expect entire quietness in the place.

Along its beaches and shores, athletic people can do surfing and scuba diving, as well as other water sports. It is also known as the “Island of the gods”. It has a beautiful mountainous and lush landscape, and along the beach shores are of attractive white and sandy sceneries together with green hills that makes the area more breathtaking.

There are also lots of cultural and historical sites that can be found in the place. It is perfect for young travelers who want to have fun and also have an educational trip.

There are places that have good accommodations which visitors can stay during the whole trip.

The temperature of the island is usually higher, due to its tropical location. It can be like summer temperature all year round, which is a good thing for people having winter season in their countries and wants to have a summer vacation at some place. Bali will be the perfect place for them to go to.

Apart from the lovely and attractive places we can go to, there are also lots of cultural celebrations that we can witness here. Along the years, Bali people have kept their culture even though the rest of Indonesia has been modernized.

For tourists who want to have fun in an Asian country that has everything that is cultural, attractive, and tropical then Bali, Indonesia is the perfect place for them. it would be a one of a kind place for us to have a summer vacation all year round and an unforgettable travel experience unlike any other.

Indulge in the best places we can go to Bali and it other attractions. A onetime visit here would keep us asking for more.