Enjoying a True Bali Travel Experience

Looking for a great location for getting away from it all where you can relax and just leave all your worries behind! Bali, Indonesia is a great vacation destination! Bali, Indonesia also known as “The Island of the Gods” could be the solution to your craving for travel and leisure. It is a small island that has much to offer ranging from beautiful white sandy beaches, lakes, palm groves, mountains, coral reefs, wildlife and lots of culture.

Bali lies between Java and Lombok with a population of around three million people, as recorded in 2005. Though a small island, Bali is the largest tourist destination and the wealthiest region in Indonesia. Its aesthetically impressive wood carvings, majestic stone gates, rich culture and arts are just a few reasons to visit this beautiful island.

Greatly influenced by Indian and Chinese cultures, the religion in Bali is predominantly Hinduism but in the form of “Agama-Hindu.” This is shown in their music, drama, art, costumes and festivals which take place daily. The most widely spoken language in Bali is Balinese or simply Bali. People residing in Bali are either bilingual or trilingual. If you were to ask a Balinese what heaven is like, he would most likely say, just like Bali.

The most recommended tourist destinations in Bali are mostly found in the southern part of the island. The southern beaches have the most beautiful blue water and pristine white sandy beaches in which you will find yourself just wanting to relax and enjoy the sun. A few of the must-see beaches you’ll want to visit are Sanur Beach, Kuta and Nusa Dusa.

Those who are up for some sightseeing and adventure can visit the island’s 10,000 temples. They all have different meanings as to their direction of which they are facing. It is believed in Bali that Gods dwell in the mountains and demons in the ocean.

Here are some additional suggested sites to visit in Bali:

* Bali Orchid Garden

* Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary

* Pura Ulun Danu Bratan

* Gunung Kawi

* Museum Le Mayeur

So what are you waiting for? If you want to get away from stress and the city then Bali is the perfect place to unwind and relax It’s a truly perfect destination for those who would want to spend some time away or some time with others to enjoy an enriching, enlightening and luxurious experience! Experience Heaven here on earth, experience Bali Indonesia.

Adventures In Indonesia

People are extremely biased. For some reason, Indonesia has the image of being a dangerous place to visit. Some cite political violence and terrorism, while others seem to think that erupting volcanoes, earthquakes, and tsunamis are just daily natural occurrences there. While it is true that as a huge and socio-politically highly diverse nation Indonesia is very complex, and in its growing pains has experienced its share of misery due to politically instability, I would like to point out strongly here that not only is Indonesia a safe place to visit, but that its people are warm and friendly and are not yet jaded by greedy tourism as other countries can be. On the charge of terrorism in Bali and Jakarta, it is true that it occurred and no one can excuse it or lessen its tragic effects. However, for Indonesia, it is an anomaly, not a serious danger.

Simply put, Indonesia is one of the last places on earth where you can see, well, the earth itself at its very finest. Two things that people rarely mention in reference to Indonesia are the fact that much of it remains an amazingly pristine garden of eden the sights of which would astound you beyond belief and that sadly this garden like all the other pristine areas of the earth, is disappearing rapidly under the axe of man.

How could anyone not want to see Indonesia? It is home to the world’s largest flower, the world’s the largest butterfly, birds that defy imagination, and another massive flower that is carnivorous and is capable of digesting a baby monkey. Multiply the above by a thousand and you may get an idea of the natural tapestry of Indonesia. The bed upon which this quilt of life rests is parallel in majesty to the life it supports. Gorgeous mountains and volcanoes, sheer breathtaking cliffs and peculiar islands, turquoise seas and hidden lagoons, Indonesia has a monopoly on natural beauty that you will not find anywhere else.

Bali: Island of the Gods

Good things come in small packages, so it could be said of Bali. This tropical gem of an island is the jewel in the crown that is the vast Indonesian Archipelago. Blessed with an abundance of natural beauty and a vibrant culture, Bali offers tourists a complete travel experience and caters to people of all ages and lifestyles.

Although requiring a lengthy flight to get to from most locations, the hundreds of thousands of tourists to visit the island each year are a testament to its continued popularity. In fact, while the 2002 terrorist bombings were a serious blow to the island’s tourist industry and economy as a whole, it has, by all accounts, made a remarkable recovery. Furthermore, despite an overall decline in international travel due to economic recession Bali just last year welcomed a record number of overseas visitors and is set to surpass that number with this year’s total. This good fortune is due to the fact that the majority of international arrivals are from Australia, China and other countries in the region, countries which have fared better than most during the economic turmoil of the past few years.

On the island’s South coast and located a short distance from the bustling capital city of Denpasar, is Kuta, the main hub for tourism in Bali-a position it owes to its close proximity to the famous palm fringed shoreline of Kuta Beach. Here can be found the highest concentrations of bars, hotels, restaurants and other amenities catering to tourists. Most of the more popular swimming and surfing beaches such as Nusa Dua, Sanur and Serangan are also situated nearby.

For its relatively small size, Bali has a surprisingly varied geography. A significant portion of the terrain, particularly in the North of Bali, is mountainous, with the highest peak and one of four active volcanoes-Mt. Agung-rising to an altitude of over 3,000 meters. The volcanic soil lends itself well to the growing of crops such as rice and coffee and the agricultural sector is, in fact, second only to tourism in terms of importance to the Balinese economy.

Besides the obvious and perhaps better known natural attractions to be found on Bali, Balinese art has also made a name for itself internationally. Chief among these art forms are painting, carving (wood and stone), and works in gold and silver. Many of these art works incorporate religious themes and are a reflection of the pervasiveness of religion in Balinese society. This pervasiveness can also be seen in the large number of Hindu temples-or Pura, as they are known in the local language-which are a common sight throughout the island. For many tourists a visit to a temple is often one of the most memorable highlights of their trip to Bali. One such temple, Tanah Lot, is a favorite destination for tourists. Its spectacular location atop a rocky outcrop jutting into the ocean makes it among the most photographed landmarks in Bali.

The Balinese practice their own distinct brand of Hinduism and have invested it with many pre-Hindu beliefs and rituals. For example, ancestor worship is an important part of the religious life of the Balinese but is not typically found in the more classical form of Hinduism as practiced in India. Unlike in the West, where expressions of religiosity are often limited to the obligatory attendance of a weekly church service, the lives of the Balinese are mediated in and through the context of a profoundly religious worldview. The Balinese calendar is marked by a number of religious festivals which often involve elaborate ceremonies and important events in the lives of individuals also have associated rituals. Dance is a key component of these rituals and some, such as Kecak (“Ramayana Monkey Chant”), have become popular among tourists.

Of course any account of Bali’s attractions would be incomplete without mentioning the charm of the people who call the island home. The warm and hospitable nature of the Balinese leaves a lasting impression and makes for a thoroughly enjoyable experience.