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Which Accommodation Is Better For You?

You’ve decided to pay a visit to Bali and have done your research to determine what types of accommodation are available. You have narrowed down the options to a Bali villa and a Bali resort or spa. Which of these options are best for you and everyone traveling with you? Let’s take a look at both options so you can make an informed decision.

Bali Resort or Spa

Bali has some very luxurious resort hotels and spas which offer a long list of amenities. Besides enjoying the beaches of Bali you can sit by large resort pools and enjoy Jacuzzis. If you want a massage by the water it can be arranged and all of your needs for food and drink will be met right there in the resort.

Those who stay in a Bali resort or spa do so for the convenience of having everything they need right at their fingertips. They also like being pampered and catered to as most resorts and spas offer elaborate room service and other conveniences to aid in relaxation.

Bali Villa

With all of that available through a resort in Bali, why would anyone want to stay anywhere? Many people still opt to stay in a Bali villa because you can get all of that plus a lot more privacy. A villa delivers more of an at-home feel which makes many people a lot more comfortable.

While a large resort will feel like you are staying in a luxury hotel, a villa will feel more like someone rented their personal home to you for a short period of time. Rather than having a lot of prepared foods at your fingertips, you will be able to make your own food or will be given directions for the finest dining experiences throughout Bali. Or, you may go for the more luxurious villas which give you a personal butler to bring food to you for indoor dining.

You can also arrange for massages in your Bali villa if that is an important aspect of your vacation. Practically any luxury you need to make your vacation enjoyable can be arranged through the more luxurious upscale villas in Bali.

The best Bali villas are those that sit right on or very close to the beach. There is nothing like stepping out into the sand and enjoying the outdoors without going far from your bed.

Making Your Decision

Choosing between a Bali villa and a resort or spa environment comes down to how exclusive or secluded you want to be. While a villa gives a more homey feel that many people enjoy, others like the convenience of being in a larger resort.

Some things to keep in mind when making this decision include the amount of space that you want to have control over and what conveniences and excursions you might want to explore while away on vacation. You may also want to think about where the best resorts are located and determine whether there villas in better locations for your needs.

Of course, price is also a consideration. The more luxury you want included, the more expensive a Bali vacation will become. You can actually find very affordable villas that offer a wide variety of luxurious amenities, so they are the preferred choice of accommodation for many people.

Bali Holiday Accommodation For You

Whenever we think of Bali, we are immediately transported to a land of magical, natural beauty with exotic beaches, gardens, the mighty sea, meandering rivers, and the natives of the island. A large number of foreign travelers from all over the world visit Bali in search of a break from their daily strenuous lives. Since Bali is a thriving tourist destination, there are various types of accommodation options available for people of different categories.

Different types of Bali accommodation units

Accommodation units in Bali are available at hotels and villas. Hotels may be divided into categories like budget hotels, cheap hotels, and luxury hotels depending on the facilities provided by them and the price of the services. Villas are meant for tourists who can afford to spend lavishly. The southern part of Bali Island is filled with several luxury and budget hotels. Especially, the areas of Nusa Dua, Kuta, and Jimbran have a host of luxury hotels for tourists. It is always helpful to do a bit of research work on the Internet about various vacation packages offered by different hotels in Bali, before you zero in on one of them.

Some of the packages might be a little more flexible than the others in terms of facilities. You might even reserve a plush bungalow for your sojourn. Bali is home to some of the best vacation rentals in the world. There are villas located atop hills as well as hotels on the beautiful white sandy beaches. The scenic beauty of Bali is unmatchable and most of the accommodation units provide a breathtaking view of the beautiful surroundings.

The villas of Bali – The best way to experience Bali hospitality

You will be able to experience the best of Bali hospitality at the villas in Bali. The villas are situated mostly amidst tropical gardens that give you a novel experience, away from the concrete jungle. The villas offer facilities similar to those offered at five star hotels. The luxury villas feature private swimming pools, restaurants offering excellent delicacies, spa centers offering different types of spa treatments to relax the mind and body, and lounge areas with private dining facilities as well. Villas at beach resorts are quite popular among tourists because of their position on the serene beaches and the facilities they offer.

Hence, when it comes to hospitality, Bali is unmatchable and to experience this you must visit Bali at least once in your lifetime.

Accommodation in Jimbaran, Bali: Some Tips

An accommodation in Jimbaran is a great option to spend the leisure days in Bali in a more peaceful setting. Why? Because: despite the popular notion about Kuta as the most beautiful beach in the island, most travelers agree that the area has grown into a congested venue, with barely a space for a peaceful lounging. As such, the current trend is now moving sideways, to the north to Seminyak and Canggu, and to the south at the direction of the Bukit Peninsula and Uluwatu. The southern movement promises an additional advantage other than beach view of the northern trend: altitude.

With the beach and altitude in mind, there are some points to guide you in choosing an ideal accommodation in Jimbaran. Let us turn the hard fact first. The famous bay is divided into three main venues, namely Kelan, Kedonganan, and Muaya. Most possibly, you know the specialties of these three venues: seafood restaurants where chefs use coconut fiber instead of gas or wood to grill the sea species into fresh, delicious meals ideally eaten up after enjoying the breathtaking sunset from the tables set on the white sand. Thus the first point is that one should stay at the closest proximity to those restaurants.

An ideal accommodation in Jimbaran will also point to the type of your stay. When one wants greater privacy, a villa should be on the top list. A villa provides its guests with personalized services and facilities but the cost can be rather high. A villa thus will be suitable when one does not have a plan to spend many days there. For longer stay, a residence is a wise option. As long as one is able to find a reliable residence, one will be able to stay in the best home with a cost that will not ruin one’s bank.

What about a hotel? Unless you are a sociable person and able to stand the constant presence of others, a hotel is not recommended. Now let us consider facilities that you would love to be available in your accommodation in Jimbaran. Do you need a private swimming room when the beaches out there are all safe and secure for swimming and surfing? Do you need kitchen when seafood restaurants are waving their hands? Do you need Wi-Fi network when you want to leave your heavy daily business for a while? Consider such questions and you will get a rigid guide in choosing your ideal place to stay.