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The Best Bali Batubelig Beach Hotels

Have you been searching for a travel destination that is sizzling and fascinating to experience? If yes, or even no, then here is a destination that you probably have not experienced. Now, I understand you might be a travelolic, but I doubt if you have been to the Bali Batubelig beach. If not, then it is a destination that you should consider visiting one of these holidays. The beach is located in the quiet, natural and long beach next to the Bali Sea. The beach has lots of hotels and even though they might not be among the world’s top best, they are the best in their own category. But do not be confused, these hotels are guaranteed to provide the satisfaction and after visiting these hotels in the Bali beach, you will definitely want to go back.

Even though the beach has several hotels that are guaranteed to make your holiday sensational and worth remembering, here we will major on two that are the perfect representatives of the other best hotels in Bali Batubelig beach.

The first is the Grand Balisani junior suites hotel. This is located in Batubelig Beach Seminyak, Kerobokan North Kuta in the Batubelig village. The environment around the hotel is unpolluted, tropical, with villages and temples, lotus ponds and rice paddy fields. This brings the relaxing and typical sensation of the Indonesian society. If you are a foreigner, this scenario is guaranteed to take you away from the modern city live and deep into the upcountry setting, a different one for this matter. This is simply magnificent and even though you are in holiday or vacation, your time is spent appreciating the environment. Better still, you are surrounded with green environment which serves to rejuvenate you. Grand Balisani is located fifteen kilometers from Ngurah Rai airport.

The other is the Grand Balisani suites. This is a three star hotel and even though what they bring is not the posh character of common hotels, but they have a cool, green and unpolluted environment to offer. This hotel would qualify to the best hotels in Bali beach as a result of the traditional aspect included in them. The interior walls of the Grand Balisani are renovated with the traditional design using local stones. So if you need an escape form the city classy setting to a presentable and quiet luxury place, this is the destination you should be considering.

Bali Beach: Hidden, Tranquil Balangan

The Bali beach that is worth your visit is not only Kuta. Next time you travel to Bali, you should go beyond this famous beach. I recommend that you go to Balangan Beach, a beach located less than twenty minutes to the south from Kuta. Although this beach’s name is rather alien to your ears, you will not be disappointed. Part of the reasons for the obscure presence of this beach is that it is literally hidden. While you can have a horizontal view of the other beaches in Bali, it is not the case with this beach.

Balangan Beach is a unique Bali beach as it stretches under a cliff and therefore you cannot see it from a horizontal line. Only when you stand on the top of the cliff then you can see the beach and the swelling waves of the great Indian Ocean as well as the unique, tidy lines of several coconut palm trees. Furthermore, this beach requires you to do a little effort if you want to enjoy this tranquil-looking beach. You must descend through the hundreds of stone stairs to lay your feet on the light brown sands below. In short, you should have really strong lungs to go there.

Once you are in the beach area, Balangan Beach gives you an ideal, tranquil beach to yourself. There are not many tourists on this Bali beach. What you will find here are, mostly, tourists who are looking for a really quiet beach and, of course, the surfers. The big swells and waves in this beach are indeed very inviting for hardcore surfers. As they are so big, beginners are not recommended to have some fun here. If you are a novice surfer yet stubborn enough and then down there, just be ready with the rocks that will leave obvious marks or bruises on your forehead.

Balangan Beach is actually easy to reach. From Kuta, you should follow the route heading to Uluwatu at the south, passing Jimbaran Bay and Dreamland Beach on your way. Once you have reached a T-intersection right after the Garuda Wishnu Kencana monument, take the turn to the right and follow the road sign that leads to this Bali beach. As public transports are rare in this area, it is wise to rent a motorbike to go here. Accommodations are also only basic in the beach area so the wisest decision is that you should sleep elsewhere and only visit the beach during the day.

Pristine and Serene Beach Front Villas in Bali

Beach front villas in Bali are a culmination of modern sophisticated luxury and untouched aesthetics that make for a soothing setting. Efforts have been done in providing comfort to the tourists while at the same time giving a flavor of the local beauty and natural fervor instead of the concrete lifelessness of many tourist hubs. A massive Hindu temple in the ocean and lovely beaches provide enough reasons for many tourists to flock this part of the world and the beach front villas in Bali help accentuate the feeling of calm and relaxation provided on the pristine beaches of Bali.

One of the more popular beach front villas in Bali is the Villa Ombak Laut with 50 meters of private beach frontage that is safe for evening walks, early morning contemplation of sunrise or the midnight promenades. This stunning villa overlooks the temple in the ocean and a lovely beach that sends allaying winds all through the day and the night into the villa. The beach of Ombak Laut is positioned very strategically. On one end it has winding roads that lead straight to the Balinese villages which offer a culture into the culture of Bali, the paddy fields, the Hindu temples and the banyan trees. On the other end, one is just 10 minutes away from hotels like Le Meridien.

Those who love golf, will find it exciting that this villa is just 10 minutes walk from Nirwana Golf Course too, which was designed by none other than the master Greg Norman himself. Other amenities of this beautiful villa include a private swimming pool, private rebound Ace tennis court and a lovely green garden full of frangipani and coconut trees making the villa, a gigantic home like retreat sprawling over 7500 square meters. For the nature lovers, the Villa also offers the serene vista of the cloudy peaks in the North of the Gunung Agung and the rocky Java coastline.

The Villa Shalimar is one of those exquisite beach front villas in Bali, that are tailor made for wedding, birthday and anniversary parties. It offers the beautiful scenery of an ocean and paddy fields and lives up to its exotic name, meaning nest of love, in all ways. There are 3 villas, a 2 bedroom villa, a 4 bedroom and a 6 bedroom villa which together can cater for up to 24 guests. The villa is apt for parties because of the accommodation and 2 excellent cooks on site who can provide you with a range of delicious cuisines. The villa rents range from 2200 USD per night to 3750 USD per night varying according to seasonal demand. The villas are laced with amenities including media and entertainment appliances, open dining area, a swimming pool and spacious bathroom with bathtubs. The beautiful villas are located right on the beach of Pantai Seseh, adding to its serenity.

Villa Bali Becik, with its unique architecture, is also among the list of Bali villas that you can consider opting for. Built on the basis of the open style architecture in Bali, this villa overlooks the beach. With rates ranging from 400 USD to 550 USD, this is among most affordable villas in this region. This three bedroom villa is equipped with all luxurious amenities and houses a swimming pool as well.