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A Bali Beach Villa is the Perfect Setup For an Intimate and Personalized Holiday

The hospitality offered by the staff is world class and the complete setup has an air loaded with romance and relaxation. All you got to do is pack your essentials and fly down to stay in a Bali beach villa.

Bali Island located in the Indian Ocean offers holiday seekers a rare combination of vast sea beaches, mountain terrain and pastures of green. It also offers beautiful temples and forest area together with the coral reefs. Thus Bali presents almost a complete plethora of sites that one can look forward to in a holiday. Interestingly one part of Bali has white sand beaches and the other with black sands. There are plenty of beach activities to keep you interested and when you are done with your sweaty day games, you can come home to the relaxing and personalized services of Bali beach villas. The beach villas are famous for their star amenities and non-intrusive service.

Bali Island is surrounded by the sea on all sides and there are many beaches, which offer you wide opportunities of water sports. The clean white sandy beaches with shallow blue green water will be a sight to behold once to get there. There are facilities of scuba diving, water scooters, snorkeling to name a few adventure activities. You can simply choose to bask in the sun and play beach volleyball. The Bali beach villas at the hotels and resorts are famous for their delectable cuisine and personalized services.

A Bali beach villa will offer you spa treatments given by impeccably trained professional staff. The body treatment programs include a choice of aromatic fragrance massages. You can choose to get the therapy at your own villa or at the spa; there is also a choice of female or male attendant that can be made.

The Bali beach villa is the perfect escape from the fast pace life that we lead today. The Bali beach villas offer ample space and a luxurious ambiance. The facilities include private swimming pool, garden area, a kitchen with complete service, gourmet food, private chef and a host of other services aimed at making your stay a truly special experience. In case you are not an explorer and need to be shown around, there are well laid out plan with a driver in hand to show you the many places worth a visit in this incredibly blessed island. The temples form another part of this beautiful landscape. There are many ancient temples, which offer a serene environment that one might need to relax and meditate. The location and architecture of these sculptures makes you feel one with nature.

At Bali beach villa the best feeling is being so close to nature and watch those very tiny seemingly unimportant things make your holiday time worth remembering. The rising sun in the morning, the birds chirping in your own garden, the lovely music of waves, the mystique of the mountains and the green terrain all make your visit to Bali the most relaxing experience. In addition there is every arrangement made to the finest details to ensure that you have a relaxed time and anything that you would need is just a call away. The staff of Bali beach villas is meticulously trained to ensure service at any hour with a smile to meet your specific needs.

Travel Tips For Bali – Sanur Beach

As Bali’s oldest developed tourist destination, Sanur is recognized for the role it played in the islands renaissance. Despite heavy development and a large number of restaurants and hotels it maintains a peaceful and relaxed ambience. Sanur is the ideal family destination, offering a quiet, calm beach during the day and a casual friendly appeal at night.

One of the more pleasing aspects of Sanur is its large expanse of beachfront. A boardwalk like footpath that covers about five kilometres allows visitors to casually stroll and explore, stopping when desired for refreshment or snack at one of the many beach side restaurants & cafe’s.

A large reef shelters Sanur’s beautiful white sand beach, resulting in low-key surf that is ideal for beginner board riders and families with young children. Well-stocked bars and decently priced food and drinks have transformed this area into a popular evening destination for all variety of tourists.

Located a short 20-minute drive from the international airport Sanur beach offers plenty of activities and interest for travellers. In July the International Kite Festival brings colour to the skies as thousands of giant kites are launched to ask the Hindu gods for assistance with crops and harvests.

Visitors can discover what it must have been like to be an early expat on Bali at the Le Mayeur Museum. The Mangrove Information Centre is located in the massive 600-hectare mangrove forest to the south of Sanur. Two boardwalks guide visitors through an educational look at the mangroves and the important role they play in the ecological balance of the area.

A five-kilometre path along the Sanur beachfront provides some wonderful photo opportunities with plenty of food and refreshment stops along the way. The local evening markets are a food lover’s delight that will engage your senses and increase your appetite.

Sanur is one of the best places on the island to launch your daily diving expeditions. Countless operators provide tours to various dive sites around Bali including shipwrecks and coral reefs. Accredited PADI courses are available for beginners through to instructors.

Most of the major hotels offer in-house spa facilities and there is a number of independent spa & wellness centres in the region offering indulgent packages at a fraction of the price you would pay back home. Before you indulge you may like to take part in any one of a number of water-sport options available along the beachfront including kite-surfing, windsurfing, paragliding or wakeboarding.

Where To Stay In Sanur Beach:

Natah Bale Villas: Traditional Balinese style 1 & 2 bedroom villas, each with its own private entrance, open living and dining area with full service kitchen. This property is small by Bali standards with only 4 villas in the compound offering a calm and relaxed ambience. Enjoy the peace and quiet from around US$95/night.

Pondok Ayu Hotel: Another small boutique property with exceptional service and comfortable amenities. This award-winning budget hotel is set in beautiful tropical gardens and offers guest’s air-conditioned rooms, a large swimming pool and fabulous dining in Benno’s restaurant. Prices start at US$70/night.

Puri Santrian: This beachfront hotel at the quieter southern end of Sanur beach offers guest’s two pools, a beach club and excellent dining facilities in-house. A choice of garden view rooms or beachside bungalows are available as well as a few well-appointed suites. Excellent value for money as tariffs start at US$95 night.

Sanur Residence: A beautifully designed property offering 3 bedroom villas located directly on the beachfront about 5 minutes north of Sanur. With three villas forming a 9 bedroom complex the residence is regularly let for small groups providing intimate, exclusive accommodation. A private swimming pool and wonderful amenities are provided with a full compliment of staff including chef, maids and gardener. Villas are available from US$180/night.

Villa Mahapala: A collection of twenty luxuriously appointed private villas, each with their own plunge pool, outdoor shower, day bed and massage bale. The resort offers a full service spa, bar and European style restaurant. Attention to detail and first class amenities from US$325/night.

Although the oldest of Bali’s tourist districts, Sanur still offers everything to even the most discerning traveller. Particularly recommended for families this picturesque beachside community is the perfect fit for a relaxing and enjoyable stay in Bali.

The Best Beach Holiday Destinations in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia is home to some of the world’s most beautiful beaches and luxury resorts. So whether you’re in the process of organising your Bali accommodation or if you are still deciding on your itinerary, we’ve listed 4 of Southeast Asia’s best beaches you don’t want to miss.

Tanjung Rhu-Langkawi, Malaysia

If you are looking for seclusion and privacy this cove is one of the most private beaches you’ll see in Southeast Asia. Like something from a postcard, this wide beach features soft sand and palm trees with deep blue waters perfect if you like to swim. Because this beach only has one resort, you’ll be guaranteed privacy and space to enjoy the beautiful surrounds.

Chaweng Beach-Ko Samui, Thailand

For those who like a beach with a bit more action, Chaweng Beach in Ko Samui, Thailand is just the place. The beach is beautiful with picturesque soft sand and blue waters. Just beyond the sand, you’ll find bungalows nestled in the trees. If you feel like exploring, there is a small town behind the beach which boasts great Thai eateries, shops and fun nightlife.

Lombok, Indonesia

Just off the coast of east Bali, the beaches found here also boast privacy and beauty. Depending on the experience you want, there are also beaches in Lombok that have stretches of shops and venues for you to explore. With clear aqua blue water and pure white sand you’ll think you’re in paradise. Just a stone’s throw from Bali, it’s the perfect place for a romantic escape or a holiday of peace and complete relaxation.

Senggigi Beach is the main tourist town and beach in Lombok. For a more secluded experience a visit to East Lombok would be more suited. It is less developed and lets you take a peek at rural life in Indonesia.

For a more adventurous experience, visit the Mount Rinjani National Park. Mount Rinjani is an active volcano that makes for a spectacular place to visit. The sights are breath-taking and it’s not hard to see why local people revere the mountain as a sacred place.

Not matter what type of holiday your planning, it’s definitely worth factoring in a visit to Lombok when organising your Bali trip.

Mui Ne Beach- Phan Thiet, Vietnam

This is the latest getaway destination in Vietnam. Just a few hours for Ho Chi Minh City, Mui Ne Beach offers visitors gorgeous white sand and incredible resort accommodation. There is a wonderful golf course here too and because the town of Phan Thiet is a fishing town you can expect delicious seafood on offer. It would be worth going on the day trips to surrounding areas while visiting as there are some amazing sights to see such as giant sand dunes and quaint surrounding fishing villages.

So whether you’re in the process of booking Bali hotels for your trip or you’re just getting started, consider perhaps the idea of extending your holiday to be able to take in the beauty of all of Southeast Asia’s amazing beaches.