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Huts: How to Ensure You Hire the Best Builder

Are you looking to hire a builder of Balinese huts? Before you pick a tradesperson to hire, get some referrals from relatives and friends or better yet from your area’s council.

Since Balinese inspired huts are continuously gaining popularity, you can go online where you can easily find a website that can put you in touch with local contractors and trades people that can perform the job. To ensure that you get to hire the best contractor to build your hut, you should ask to see their ratings as well as online reviews, if there’s any. The internet is overflowing with information and resources hence you will find it fairly fast and easy to checkout as many hut builders as you want. This is an excellent way for you to pick, choose and sieve. You can interview them one by one over the phone or send them emails to get an idea of how much the hut you want to build would cost. Compare at least three to four quotes.

Professional building contractors are usually covered with public liability insurance, so it is best to check on that, too. This will give you peace of mind knowing that your hut builder is covered. It pays to anticipate things that may likely occur if anything goes wrong. Aside from checking them for insurance, it is highly suggested that clients should ask to be provided with proof of professional qualifications, affiliations and membership in professional trade association. It would also help if they can provide references and names of recent clients that you can talk to before you decide.

Once you’ve chosen a tradesperson, don’t forget to draw up a written contract where you lay out everything that you want done. Detailed description of the scope of work, the time frame and expected date of completion, the total cost including materials and labour as well as the mode of payment that’s acceptable to both parties. Don’t forget to have your chosen builder sign the contract. If you chose to hire a contractor that’s employed by a big construction company, chances are, you will have to sign a contract with their terms and conditions. Ensure that you check the written terms and conditions by reading carefully before you affix your signature.

Normally, clients are asked to make a down payment of at least 50% of the total cost, so you do not need to make a complete payment to cover the entire cost of the work up-front, but most likely both you and the contractor will have to agree on a payment schedule. Whenever there is a need for you to sign a contract, always ask for the company’s policy and what you need to do should you decide to cancel the contract.

Builders of Balinese huts understand well that by law, a client is always afforded a seven day cooling off period for purchases and contracts made regardless if they’re done over the phone, online or during face to face meeting. This applies if the agreed service didn’t commence on the date specified.