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The Philippines, A Destination to Avoid – Hello Bali!

I’m an American living in the Philippines and when I was asked to write an article on Vacation Rentals, I thought I might be able to save some lives.

There is no doubt that the Philippines is currently a poor choice for a vacation. Although these are some of the most beautiful islands in the world, they are also some of the most dangerous.

I’m sure many of you heard about the tourist bus that was held hostage in Manila recently. Eight Chinese tourists lost their lives in the botched rescue attempt orchestrated by Philippine authorities. In addition to that, a 41 year old American was killed right here in Iligan City where I live. He was shot six times in the back. At almost the same time, two Brits were killed in Manila, execution style. Almost none of the perpetrators are ever caught!

The Philippines is wracked with poverty. Poverty begets crime and crime begets violence. In addition to poverty, the government is weak and corrupt. It exercises only modest influence outside Manila. Add in the Islamic separatists, the Islamic terrorists and the communist rebel faction and you have a recipe for mayhem. I lived in Chicago, no stranger to violent crime, and I assure you that you are much safer on Chicago’s south or west sides than you are in the Philippines.

The caring, compassionate and humanitarian government of China issued travel warnings to its citizens regarding the Philippines, and that speaks volumes about circumstances here.

Tourism has never been a big industry here and outside of Manila and the odd resort, Filipinos are poorly equipped to handle tourists in any meaningful way. Even the resorts are not immune to violence. Just a few years ago, a German, a Swede, a Brit and a filipina housemaid were hacked to death in Boracay, one of the top resorts in the Philippines.

Foreigners in the Philippines are targets of opportunity. Scammed, cheated and victimized in ways you have yet to imagine.

That said; let’s take at look a destination that gives you an excellent chance of survival. Beautiful, serene Bali would be an excellent choice. Although Indonesia is a predominantly Muslim and it is certainly poor by any measure, Bali is safe and the Balinese are experts in pampering tourists from all over the world.

Bali is predominantly Hindu and Buddhist. Bali was bustling with trade from as early as 200BC. Early written records from 800AD confirm the Hindu and Buddhist influence. Bronze statues in both Hindu and Buddhist styles further demonstrate this, which makes my point that Bali is a culturally rich and sophisticated destination.

The scenery is spectacular and the wildlife is unique.

Whether you choose a vacation rental or conventional hotel accommodations, the service is exceptional, the food is out of this world, and the luxury is palpable. I can offer you no destination in Southeast Asia that offers more to the tourist, especially the Western tourist, in comfort and service. Put Bali on your “bucket list” or you’ll regret it forever!

Bali Island As a Holiday Destination

Taking time out from the everyday stresses and strives of life to visit an exquisite place is something that everybody looks forward to. Bali, with its famous Balinese residents and their Hindu custom, is an island known more for its art and workmanship and as well as a holiday destination. Each year increasingly tourists from abroad are coming to Bali, enchanted by its natural beauty and its loving and welcoming people. Tourism in Bali is presently at an all time high.

Bali is one of the island that makes Indonesia settled between java and Lombok island and is populated by people with majority in Hindu religion and also blended race of other Indonesian people and heritage. It has a contrasting landscape ranging from exquisite and attractive beaches to extended and craggy mountain chains. Green color on sides of a hill loom over the fields of rice fields, supplying a sensational beautiful view. The natural beauty of Bali and its heritage has shaped the island of Gods to what it is today. This is the only island with Hindu majority faith in Indonesia.

Like several of the Indonesian islands, Bali’s primary source of tourism is the civilization of it’s people. The island is fortunate with temples to worship Gods, a lot of ceremonials related to Hinduism and also recently reaching popularity are hundreds of miles of sprawling sandy beaches, with fine white sand and crystal like blue water. Tourists visiting Bali expect a large number of choices for the location of their beach vacation. The major resorts of Kuta, Sanur and Nusa Dua are the most famed and here you’ll find numerous 5 star hotels and resorts. Despite this, there are also a lot of smaller, quieter beach villas where you can truly get away from it all.

Apart from stunning beaches, Bali also offers a lot of rural towns and cities overflowing of affluent civilization and heritage. A vacation to Bali isn’t complete without inspecting at least one of the Bali’s towns or cities and meeting the local people. In the middle of the island a bit north from Denpasar city you’ll discover the city of Ubud, Ubud – the hub of everything that is Balinese. When you stroll around Ubud you’ll feel the affection of the Balinese old heritage – an ample legacy exhaling from the old Bali traditional architecture that beholds the city.

Ubud also has its fair portion of museums, including the Neka Art Museum, the Blanco Renaissance Museum of Painting, Museum Puri Lukisan and Rudana Museum. other city of Bali is Sanur. Sanur is the most popular city in Bali and is settled on the south eastern part of the island. It has a exquisite setting at the beach overlooks a magnificent island of Nusa Penida. Contrary to the other towns and cities in Bali, Sanur features a very extraordinary feel to it. This is as a effect of the influence of the first holidaymakers who comes to Sanur around 1980’s. Bali famed city today is Kuta. Kuta, settled in the south west from capital city is one of the city that famous for its waves among surfboarders. The city is filled with luxury hotels and resorts. Its the city where night live activities are abundant.

An ideal way to spend your holiday is to choose a few days to do some sightseeing in Bali or one of Bali’s other cities and then follow that up with a relaxing week’s stay in one of the Bali villas by the beach.

Bali – A Splendid Tourist Destination

Renowned for its natural splendor which transcends limits of human imagination, Bali, a tropical island in the Indonesian archipelago, needs no introduction. The islands spectacularly enthralling landscape, replete with exotic beaches, majestic temples and palaces, and rich flora and fauna makes it a perfect tourist destination.

The islands fabulous beauty has repeatedly been a subject of many a movie such as Julia Roberts starred Eat, Pray, Love. This has helped bolster Bali’s overseas reputation as a heavenly respite from modern world. No wonder every year, thousands of people flock its sun kissed beaches, to wash away their worries and indulge in all that stands for fun and excitement.

Bali enjoys tropical sunshine throughout the year. Since remains wet for most part of the year, June to September, being a dry season is considered best for a visit. This period is best suited for beach lovers, who can make a dash for the party towns of Kuta and Legion that are well known for their beaches at Lovina and Candi Dasa. Famous for its magnificent sunset, untamed wild life and great shopping options, Kuta, a beach discovered by Hippies in 1960’s is a favorite amongst surfers. Nusa Dua with its transparent waters and white beaches is yet another surfing paradise for adventure seekers. The place is dotted with luxurious hotels, so you can try the mouth watering cuisine.

Denpasar, the Balinese capital amazes you with its rich medieval architecture in the form of temples and historical sites. One can visit local villages such as Celuk, Ubud, and Bedulu. Known for their fabulous silverware, and finest works of art such as sculpture, painting, dancing and leather work, these villages are a must visit, on every tourist’s travel itinerary.

Six kilometers to the south of Denpasar is another beach paradise, the Sanur Beach. It offers a panoramic view of sparkling coral seas, with glorious sunrise and sunsets occurring behind the wonderful South Bali mountain range. One can indulge in a number of sporting activities such as diving, surfing and snorkeling or simply hire a chartered boat and head towards the sea.

Apart from its crystal clear waters, to keep you refreshed, Bali has a lot to offer a lot on its entertainment platter, thanks to its rich and vibrant culture. One can enjoy Balinese theatre, dance, and drama that vividly portray tales from Ramayana and Mahabharata in a delightful manner. Bali is matchless when it comes to seafood. Do visit Jimbaran Bay, to munch on your favorite delicacies, such as fresh fish, prawns, squid, and lobster.