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ODL Window Blinds For Your Exterior Doors

For many of us, privacy is something we cherish, especially in our own homes. After all, our homes are our sanctuaries from the world, the one place where we can be totally at ease and where our loved ones surround us. There are lots of different ways to protect your privacy at home, including things like alarm systems andA�privacy fences. While these things are important, sometimes they overshadow some of the smaller, more affordable measures you can also take to assure the privacy of your home. For example, ODL window blinds for your entry doors are an affordable way to keep people from seeing into your home.

ODL window blinds are enclosed between glass, so there is no need for dusting, and are cordless. They come in six different enclosed styles for your doors – motorized, triple glazed, traditional, 8′ enclosed blinds, Severe Weather and enclosed shades. Each is available in a variety of sizes depending on the style,A�whichA�include half doorlight, 3/4 doorlight, full doorlight, and full sidelight. Also, each style has different color options for the frame.A�In the triple glazed style, youA�can also choose between clear glass andA�grilles between glass.

While ODL window blinds are generally specified for new construction or remodels, for existing doors they also offer add-on and DIY blinds and shades. TheseA�treatments canA�accommodate both flush and raised doorglass frame styles, and come in different sizes for each. TheA�treatments for flush frame styles come in two sizes for full view doors. The treatments for raised frame styles come in two sizes each for half view sidelights, half view doors and full view doors. The ODL websiteA�has a page that can help you choose the right size for your door.

EnclosedA�blinds are ideal for doors, as they allow sunlight while stillA�keeping people from being able to look into your home.A�And because ODL window blinds are enclosed, they never need dusted and won’t get broken, which is an advantage over the traditional shades that you might hang on your doorlights. There are many things you do to your home to protect the privacy of your family – make blinds for your exterior doors one of them.