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Experience the Beauty of Bali Villas Vacation Rentals

The visitor to Bali Villas will find exquisite beauty and pleasure. The villas offer comfortable beaches, tranquil weather and flora and trees that complement the peaceful atmosphere. A visitor to the villas will get a special value as the incredible personal service, spaciousness and quality of the villas offers more value than the villas of the Caribbean, Mexico or Europe.

Visitors will travel just south of the equator, so the weather is moderate. Bali is southwest of the Philippines and northeast of Australia and is a relatively small island – just 90 miles by 50 miles. So there are lots of wonderful beaches that the Bali Villas lie on. And English-speaking drivers offer air-conditioned cars and will chauffeur visitors all over the island. But how does a visitor pick the right Villa?

A visitor who values a remote and tranquil setting might pick a rural villa like the one near the city of Saba. The visitor will find a private Bali Villa with cows and pastures along a beach. And they will find a city within a five-minute drive. Another visitor can find a villa on the edge of a city. A visitor who was recently married can explore the honeymoon villas that offer special services for honeymooners. Single, married or couples will find villas to meet their needs.

Visitors to Bali Villas will experience a large home with rooms having loads of space, designed for the luxury vacationer. Tropical gardens, air-conditioned bedroom, specially designed private pools and spas await the visitor needing to relax. Surrounding villas are trees like the Banyan, Coconut; and palms, ferns and flowers.

And visitors will find villas sleeping four or eight, so they can get together to gain more vacation value with their friends. Security, luxury, personal service, comfort and peace are the goals of the staff at Bali Villas.

Visitors say that Bali Villas have eye-catching designed, fine quality interiors, with “peaceful and tranquil” surroundings. Visitors to the seaports of Bali say that the night view of the ocean has hundreds of lights from the fishing boats, and that Bali offers romantic and luxurious views. Visitors recommend booking early for July and August.

Coffee-loving visitors will take delight in the fresh locally-grown coffees from Bali. Accompany the coffee with an adventurous meal prepared by a private chef of whatever palate suits the visitor’s whim. Or they can find local food offerings that feature mostly Chinese cuisine, snacks, and freshly-prepared fruits and barbecue like Satay

A visitor interested in marriage planning will find Bali Villas offer the luxuries of paradise and something more, often without additional cost. They can visit or rent a honeymoon villa with and American and Bali design and find a private pool, private beach area, and enjoy free marriage planning services.

Visitors find the weather of Bali very moderate: the temperature varies no more than 80 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit and the humidity stays around 75%. Sun pervades the days at Bali Villas with occasional rains between the months of March and August.

Smile – Change Your Experience

Human cultures are formed from the behaviors and beliefs, characteristics of a social, ethnic, or age group.

Anthropologist, Margaret Mead dedicated her life to the understanding of cultural morays, beliefs and characteristics.. She reported extensively about American cultures and the attitudes in South Pacific and Southeast Asian traditional cultures.

In particular, the Balinese culture is both fascinating and little reported. The Balinese population is 3.0 million (1.5% of Indonesia’s population). They live mostly on the island of Bali, 89% of the island’s population. Bali was featured in the movie, South Pacific, depicting the life of an American military nurse. Bali provides a warm and comforting place for military personnel to take R&R. Balinese also live on the island of Lombok, and in the eastern regions of Java (the Municipality of Banvuwangi).

One of the highest values to the Balinese people is a smile. One of their great ceremonies occurs when a child becomes sixteen years old and that is the tooth filing ceremony. It is a ceremony the entire community participates in–like a wedding, with food and celebrating. The tooth filing is executed by smoothing down incisor and eye-teeth. It is purposing to cut the vice like gluttonous, arrogace, and aggression, which are considered part of the human condition. Those not wishing to have their teeth filed for cosmetic or health reasons may choose to have the ceremony performed symbolically.

Additionally, adolescents are prepared to cultivate a smile that is genuine with sweetness and appreciation for life. Adolescents are, of course, encouraged to have a profession of their choice. However, they believe their greatest purpose is creating a sense of welcome, a sense of community, a sense of harmony with oneself, one’s family, one’s world and one’s universe.

The Balinese culture is among the few cultures which remain at peace in the world. What a wonderful thing to know that one can change not only one’s life, but one’s world with more smiling and banishing vices like gluttonous, arrogance and aggression.

Smile your way to a wonderful life.

Enjoying a True Bali Travel Experience

Looking for a great location for getting away from it all where you can relax and just leave all your worries behind! Bali, Indonesia is a great vacation destination! Bali, Indonesia also known as “The Island of the Gods” could be the solution to your craving for travel and leisure. It is a small island that has much to offer ranging from beautiful white sandy beaches, lakes, palm groves, mountains, coral reefs, wildlife and lots of culture.

Bali lies between Java and Lombok with a population of around three million people, as recorded in 2005. Though a small island, Bali is the largest tourist destination and the wealthiest region in Indonesia. Its aesthetically impressive wood carvings, majestic stone gates, rich culture and arts are just a few reasons to visit this beautiful island.

Greatly influenced by Indian and Chinese cultures, the religion in Bali is predominantly Hinduism but in the form of “Agama-Hindu.” This is shown in their music, drama, art, costumes and festivals which take place daily. The most widely spoken language in Bali is Balinese or simply Bali. People residing in Bali are either bilingual or trilingual. If you were to ask a Balinese what heaven is like, he would most likely say, just like Bali.

The most recommended tourist destinations in Bali are mostly found in the southern part of the island. The southern beaches have the most beautiful blue water and pristine white sandy beaches in which you will find yourself just wanting to relax and enjoy the sun. A few of the must-see beaches you’ll want to visit are Sanur Beach, Kuta and Nusa Dusa.

Those who are up for some sightseeing and adventure can visit the island’s 10,000 temples. They all have different meanings as to their direction of which they are facing. It is believed in Bali that Gods dwell in the mountains and demons in the ocean.

Here are some additional suggested sites to visit in Bali:

* Bali Orchid Garden

* Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary

* Pura Ulun Danu Bratan

* Gunung Kawi

* Museum Le Mayeur

So what are you waiting for? If you want to get away from stress and the city then Bali is the perfect place to unwind and relax It’s a truly perfect destination for those who would want to spend some time away or some time with others to enjoy an enriching, enlightening and luxurious experience! Experience Heaven here on earth, experience Bali Indonesia.