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Vespa Experience in Bali

For many travelers, Bali is the unique island of the Gods, or the island of thousand temples. These are just two of the nicknames, given to Bali by clever tourism marketing people.

That sounds mysterious and exciting. And for many tourists it is enough to visit several temples, to admire the exotic charm of another world from the outside,

and possibly enjoy some cheap massages in a spa. On my first visit to Bali that’s been enough for me also. But I was infected at the same time. A virus had overwhelmed me. A virus called Bali. Since those times I have been to Bali very often, have made many friends and experienced the “real”, the original Bali. The Bali beyond the illusory tourism-world.

For several years I stayed, whenever I have been to Bali, with my Balinese adoptive family. I shared their everyday live. So I got very deep insights into the culture of the island. And then it happened, that I met the Balinese Vespas.

Amazingly, there is a very interesting Vespa scene in Indonesia. This is because in Java until the year 2001 Vespas were produced. The old scooters are now often taken over by “young guns” to prepare them. There are three fractions. The first tries to restore Vespas faithfully. In this scene, you can meet real beautyful scooters.

There are also two other types of “scooterists”: extreme and gembel. The “extreme” change their Vespas often so, that you wouldn’t imagine that there is still a vespa-engine in the heart of the newly formed vehicle. There is a range from “choppers” to a variety of trikes and even small cars.

The “Gembels” (the Indonesian word ‘gembel’ = very poor, ragged, torn down), however, attach utmost importance to their Vespas just ragged, torn, rusted and almost like a moving pile of garbage come along. There are holes cut into the bodies and everything is omitted, which is not absolutely necessary. Often have Gembel Vespas sidecars in the form of a platform with a bamboo roof, sometimes even the classic sidecar-form as permeable grid structure made of tubes welded together.

All this is possible because a vehicle inspection by authorities is not performed. As long as there are papers in which the chassis number and engine number are shown correctly, you can unscrew the license plate of the “former” Vespa, simply put it on the redesigned vehicle – and no one complains… Common to all scooteristsin Indonesia is, that they are organized in clubs where close cohesion is practiced. And of course there are plenty of shared tours. Highlights are as in Europe, the big Vespa meetings.

Nothing Like a Traditional Yoga and Massage Session to Up the Paradisiacal Experience at Bali

Bali is called the Island of the Gods for a reason. Everything you can imagine that is associated with paradise is here. If you like beaches, well, there’s a plenty here. And some of the world’s best. If you like rolling hills, you can’t beat the ones here. Volcanoes are abundant. Scenic rice fields dot God’s island. And a rich diversity of plants and animals ensure that outdoors men and women are satisfied. Throw in some of planet Earth’s best resorts, hotels and accommodations and you’re in for a holiday of a lifetime here. Compliment your time in Bali with a mind and body experience that would only add to the many highlights of your trip.

A truly revitalizing and relaxing experience awaits you. There’s nothing like a day consisting of yoga and a traditional Balinese massage to soothe the mind and relax the body. Enter Desa Seni, an eco-friendly village resort giving visitors an authentic Indonesian experience through the exploration of culture, art, yoga, organic farming and complete wellness.

The resort’s beautiful gardens and village atmosphere makes for the perfect destination for your 90 minute yoga experience. And to add to the atmospheric experience, you’ll be doing it at its expansive 90 square-meter open-air yoga studio overlooking organic vegetables gardens. If you’re doing yoga for the first time, have just picked it up and starting practicing it or are a seasoned veteran, there’s an instructor for you here. And one more thing. Just bring yourself. All accessories and equipment are provided.

The swimming pool looks tempting, doesn’t it? Feel free to jump when after your yoga session. It’s got your name written all over it. Then enjoy a purely organic lunch, with ingredients picked straight out of the resort’s garden.

And now for the icing on the cake. Cocoon yourself in the treatment area and prepare for a firm and deeply therapeutic massage. The trained therapists will work their magic through a combination of techniques designed to relieve tension within muscles, tendons and ligaments. How do they do that? By touching upon the pressure points of the body, muscle soreness and tension will dissolve as your body is returned to balance. Walk out of the session feeling like a new person!

Uluwatu Villas – The Real Balinese Experience

Bali is one of the most beautiful places to visit in the world. Located in the archipelago of Indonesia, it has plenty of gorgeous white sand beaches and a strong Hindu culture. The Balinese people are probably the most spiritual people on Earth. It is no wonder that for Indonesians, Bali is known as the Island of the Gods.

The moment you arrive in Bali, you will feel the balance between pleasure and leisure of this paradise island. Bali has many places to visit and plenty of activities to do. You can see traditional dances, witness cultural events or traditional ceremonies, do all sorts of water sports or enjoy the nightlife scene. At the same time, Bali also offers a peaceful and serene atmosphere that you can’t get anywhere else in the world.

If you are looking for a more quite getaway, you should stay away from the more touristy places such as Kuta. The best way to enjoy Bali is to go to the more secluded areas like Uluwatu. Uluwatu is located in the southern tip of Bali. It is famous for its Pura Luhur Uluwatu, a Hindu temple that is located on top of a steep rocky cliff overlooking the ocean. It is probably the most stunning temple on the paradise island. Uluwatu is also famous for its traditional dance, the Kecak. And if you happen to love water sports, Uluwatu also has the most perfect beach for you.

If you choose to stay in Uluwatu, it is best if you rent your own private villa. Not for the faint hearted, most of the villas in Uluwatu are located on top of a cliff, overlooking the sea. There you can enjoy the cool sea breeze and the relaxing sound of sea waves all throughout the day. These private villas do not only provide you with beautiful scenery, but they also provide you with the comfort and luxury of a five star hotel. You can get a private driver, cook as well as butler.

Imagine staying in a luxury villa surrounded by a gorgeous garden of frangipani and palm trees. Picture yourself watching the sunset from the terrace, enjoying a romantic evening with your loved one. Staying in a villa will definitely provide you with a quiet and relaxing getaway, where you can be far away from the hustle and bustle of the city life, and be entertained by the beauty of the nature that is around you. There is really no better way of spending your holiday in Bali other than this.