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The Importance Of Brand Name Bras Like Bali Bras

Despite the fact that not many will be privy to seeing your undergarments, they are just as important as the outer clothing that everyone does see. You still look for quality materials and comfortable pieces. Honestly, there is nothing worse than wearing itchy undergarments or ones that ride up or don’t support you. When choosing bras, you might first look to the style and cut of the bra. You need a strapless for your evening dress and a pushup bra for your blouse. But after honing in on a particular style, what do you look for next?

Comfort and good support I would presume are next on your checklist. If the bra doesn’t support your breasts, it’s a pointless piece of a material. And without softness, you won’t feel very good in your outfit the entire day. The only thing on your mind will be a countdown until you get home and change out of the clothes. The best way to ensure you’ll get the best possible bra is to stick with brand names you know. The prices on knockoff brands are always rather tempting, but soon afterward you feel immense buyer’s remorse. The product falls apart after a few uses and you end up spending money again. Isn’t it just easier to spend a little bit more initially and know the item will last ten times as long?

Whether you want a sports bra or a nursing bra, brands like Bali bras and Champion bras are names you recognize and have come to trust over the years. You see them on commercials, view large displays in stores, and have friends who can all attest to their durability and comfort level. Champion bras have become synonymous with sports and athletes. When you see Serena Williams advertising for them, you know you’ve stumbled upon the best sports bra. In need of high designer quality and looks? A brand like Donna Karan bras can do you no wrong. You might be paying a little extra, but it is Donna Karan after all. And when it comes time for nursing your little one, you know to look to Bravado nursing bras.

Once you’ve found the perfect styles and brands, you can begin a search for great discounts and prices. Let’s face it, bras are not cheap. Shopping online can lead you to a multitude of retailers that sell all your favorite designer names at marked down prices. Look for stores that actually carry the real designer and not the cheap alternative. Then you can be guaranteed the high quality and superb comfort level.

With brand name bras in your dresser drawers, you’ll feel confident with every outfit you wear.

The Importance of Scuba Dive Buddy Check

Diving with a partner (or buddy) means that there is someone to help if you encounter problems underwater. For the system to work properly, however, you and your buddy need to conduct your own briefing before a dive and check that all equipment is functioning properly.

Making Buddy Checks

Just before the start of the dive, get together with your buddy and assemble your gear and put it on. There is no particular order in which to do this, but most divers find that to avoid overlooking anything, it is useful to develop a routine. When you are both suited up and before either of you enter the water, you should carry out a buddy check-sit or stand next to your buddy and carefully check each other’s gear, following the sequence shown below. Do not be tempted to rush these vital checks-you may regret it later. They ensure that you know how each other’s gear is assembled, how it works, and that it is functioning. They also serve as a double-check that neither of you has overlooked anything before you dive.

1. Check BCs so that you and your buddy know where each other’s inflation and deflation points are, and ensure that they are working. Do the same for drysuits, if worn.

2. Check that weights are present and securely fastened. You and your buddy must be especially aware of how each other’s weights are released, in case either diver is incapacitated.

3. Check harness is secure and note where, on your buddy’s kit, key fastening points and harness release clips are located, and how they are operated.

4. Check air contents gauges and breathe from your regulators to check they are working. Test each other’s octopus second stage.

5. Ready to dive? Give each other a last once-over to establish who is carrying any miscellaneous pieces of gear, such as reels and slates, and where they are fastened. When you are ready to dive, make a final OK signal.

Buddy Briefing

Suiting up provides a good opportunity to talk over a dive plan with your buddy. Ensure first that you are both agreed, as a pair, on the aim and course of the dive, your entry and exit points, and your predicted maximum depth and time for the dive. Check that you both have the required amount of air for your plan (including a reserve for emergencies). Agree on who will lead the dive and on whether you will dive to the left or right of your buddy. Decide on all communication signals, including how and when you will signal for the end of the dive, and on what you will do if you become separated. Once you have agreed a plan, stick to it unless it becomes impossible to do so. If circumstances change during the dive, use hand signals to discuss how, as a pair, you are going to modify the dive.

Preventing Fogging

Mask fogging is a very common inconvenience, and is caused by oils on the mask’s lens allowing moisture to bead. The traditional way to prevent fogging is to rub saliva onto the inside of the lens glass, then lightly rinse clear, before putting on the mask for a dive. Anti-fogging sprays are also available.