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Information About Scuba Diving in Bali

Bali is an Indonesian island lying between Java to the west and Lombok to the east. It is the largest tourist destination in the country and is renowned for its highly developed arts. In the recent years, it has become the famous spot of scuba divers. Bali has been voted as one among the top ten dive locations in the world by a Scuba diving magazine. Scuba diving in Bali is a real treat with the warm, tropical waters and the myriad of rainbow colored fish that swim through it at all hours of the day.

There is something for all levels of experience, as the waters of Bali can accommodate everyone from those who are just beginning their diving careers to those who have quite few dives under their belt. Some diving spots are open only for the professional divers. Some spots like Tulamben, Padang Bai, Puri Jati, and Amed are open even for beginner divers.

More experienced divers can have a fun day of speedboat diving in the most exciting diving area, Nusa Penida, in Bali. Seraya, with all its tiny macro creatures and easy shore diving is a favourite spot for underwater photographers. The dives here are very spectacular because of the long coastal reef, reef slopes and wall diving. Amed and Jemeluk beach is reputed to be the home of the best hard coral community in Bali.

Sansur and Nusa Dua are located just 5 minutes away from the shore and therefore are very accessible. Beginners and novice divers will enjoy diving here because of the gentle current. Although hard corals are scarce, there are amny colorful fishes made up for the shortfall. Short corals and sponges can also be found thriving on the reefs.

For those who enjoy shipwreck diving, Tulamben shipwreck is the dive site that must not be missed. Night dive on this wreck is described by many divers as spectacular. The wreck was the US Liberty, sunk in World War2 by Japanese submarine in 1942.

Diving in Bali offers a wonderful chance to see a great variety of marine life, and this makes the dive so much exciting. Underwater life that can be seen on a dive here include anemone fish, tuna, clownfish, moray eels, sweet lips fish, sea whips, turtles, snappers, mola mola and many others.

Unlike any other top dive destinations in the world, Bali has many hidden secrets below the waves. This brings more tourists to this magical paradise and we should not miss it at any cost.

South Kuta General Travel Information

The hotels in South Kuta are categorized along the same lines as the rest of Bali and you may find the same assortment of accommodation anywhere that you need to stay. The basic hotels offer budget rooms that aren’t fancy, but are always clean and neat and are extremely cheap for those on a really tight budget. Then you may find places that offer moderate accommodation with a few additional facilities like their own cafe and bar. Next are the superior types of places which will be rated by stars, often from 3-5 stars and offer you better views and more personalized service.

Deluxe hotels are 4-5 stars that as you are expecting will be of a much better standard with pretty much all that you need to chill on your holiday without venturing too far. These places will have in-house spas, massages and shopping areas. Then if you want to splash out you can go for pure luxury, these are the top Bali hotels that are all over Bali and South Kuta luxury hotels are a selection of the finest to be found on the island. Everything found in these establishments is 5 stars, the cafes, bars, coffee bars and shops, they offer everything the other hotels have plus a lot more, pampered is a good way to explain how you may feel when staying there.

The bulk of folk who visit Bali will come to go to the white sandy beaches and clear blue seas that are in and around Kuta. Being such a popular destination you will find many hotels to stay in that offer every type of services and individual packages to suite your wishes. South Kuta was not always a bustling tourist attraction, with restaurants, discotheques, shopping areas and all the conveniences that holiday makers have come to expect when visiting such a lovely island. Not such a long time ago it had been a quiet fishing town with fishing boats lining the beach and simple houses made from bamboo along the shore where now stands all the craft shops, wonderful restaurants, up market bars and clubs.

The bulk of South Kuta hotels have an internet site that you can book your stay through and make the start to your holiday a simple one. Having a hotel booked is especially important if you’re traveling a long distance to get to Bali. After arriving an Ngurah airport on one of the long haul Bali flights the very last thing the majority wish to do is go gallivanting around. It’s best to head straight from the airport, drop your bags and relax for a couple of hours and get some shut eye.

Having a holiday in Bali will leave you feeling rejuvenated and prepared to take on the real world again. To make sure that your holiday is an agreeable one and not ruined by simply avoidable mishaps, use some common sense and do not forget that you are on holiday this is when folk tend to let their guard down.

Keep your valuables, jewelry and most importantly your visa cards and passport in a secure place. Never leave them abandoned, if your hotel has safes utilize them. Each hotel will charge differently, but it is really worth the extra cost than having to cope with the problems that stem from lost passports and visa cards.

When traveling into the more rural areas you may come across some, how to put it, less than desirable toilet facilities. Always carry a roll of toilet paper with you, even some budget hotels don’t have any, and some hand cleaner. If you finish up looking round for the handle to flush the toilet and are scratching your head, look left or right next to the bowl. The bucket with the scoop in, that is what you are looking for, scoop the water and flush, all part of the experience.

The majority of the temples in Bali need you to wear a sarong when entering. You can rent one at every temple as you visit, but if you intend to go to many temples it’s a good idea to buy your own when you arrive or bring one from home.

Travelling to Bali – Tips and Information

& bull; Don’t be terrified of Bali Belly – every person has a tale to inform on exactly how they obtained Bali Belly. My other half as well as I have actually been to Bali massive quantities of times and also – touch timber – have never ever obtained Bali Belly. & bull; When leaving Bali you are needed to pay IDR150 000 per individual in separation tax obligation.

Below is a checklist of travel tips for any individual that has actually never ever taken a trip to Bali prior to. You will certainly obtain a much better price altering loan in Bali than you will certainly in your house nation. & bull; Don’t be worried of Bali Belly – every person has a tale to inform on just how they obtained Bali Belly. My hubby and also I have actually been to Bali large quantities of times and also – touch timber – have never ever obtained Bali Belly. & bull; When leaving Bali you are called for to pay IDR150 000 per individual in separation tax obligation.