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Mixing and Matching Jewelry

Putting together the perfect look doesn’t end with choosing the right outfit to wear. Mixing and matching jewelry can add the perfect finishing touch-whether the look is simple elegance, funky and fresh, or classically romantic. Coordinating jewelry with an outfit is a fun way to polish off any style. Forget the old rules about not mixing different metals or gemstones. Here’s how to coordinate silver and gold, or different gemstones, into a perfectly accessorized look.

Jewelry choices should be first cousins to one another; not identical twins

Accentuate the silver setting of a favorite pair of pearl earrings with a stunning silver necklace. Or highlight the gold accents in a ring with gold teardrop-shaped earrings. Let jewelry pieces play off one another, rather than matching them exactly. Choosing complementary pieces rather than identical pieces makes a statement, rather competing for attention.

Coordinate jewelry with the outfit

Jewelry should match the outfit. Gold goes well with warm hues such as reds and oranges. Silver accents cool colors such as white or blues.

For prints or patterns, don’t be afraid to mix and match silver and gold together. Gold earrings can bring out the gold flecks in a print, while a silver necklace can accentuate a print’s deep blue background.

Play matchmaker for gemstones

Diamonds don’t always have to be worn with diamonds, nor amethysts with amethysts. Choose two coordinating colors, such as red and yellow. Therefore, you could wear a ruby bracelet with a yellow topaz ring.

Or don’t coordinate with complementary colors – Make your gemstones really pop by matching jewelry pieces with opposing colors on the color wheel! A bright orange fire opal pendant necklace will positively sing when worn with sapphire earrings.

Get Creative

Long necklaces make great bracelets when wrapped around a wrist. Rings can be worn as pendants. Any piece of jewelry can be made into almost any other piece of jewelry. Gemstones can be taken out and re-mounted. Think outside the box when it comes to how each piece of jewelry can be worn.