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Bali Luxury Villas Offer Feasts of All Types

Bali is a beautiful Indonesian island, which is a perfect feast to the eyes. Its unending vista of lovely beaches, black and white sands, shallow rivers, an active volcano, and temples situated on the slopes of hills together make it a point on earth where nature is showing one of its most seductive faces. The place is so alluring that it is one of the ideal spots for people trying to be in perfect harmony with nature. And this harmonizing process can be done best by living in any one of the Bali vacation villas that dot the land.

The Balinese culture is also a feast for the eyes. Their numerous dance forms like the colorful masked dances, the Balinese opera of elaborate costumes that combines in it music, dance, and extempore dialogue, and many other forms of ceremonial dances, are all an eyeful that tourists can always feast on. For people who stay in the Bali luxury villas, there are provisions for some of these dances to be shown at places included in package tours. However, for those who are dance-music enthusiasts it is best to book their Bali luxury villas during the June-July months when they have the lengthy Bali Arts Festival that extends for days.

The Bali vacation villas are themselves a visual feast of a different type. These are complete units in themselves with swimming pools of sparkling waters; Jacuzzis, spas, gardens, pathways and staircases of beautifully carved Palimanan stones, and exquisitely designed lounges and dining spaces. The Balinese people have a lot of expertise in flower decoration and in special Bali vacation villas like honeymoon specials, different types of flower decorations greatly enhances the beauty of the place.

Besides all these metaphorical feasts, Bali luxury villas offer real food fiestas also to their customers. Guests are provided with expert chefs who can whip up delicacies easily and also manage small parties. Breakfast is a la carte in most of these villas. Guests are also given the choice of getting food from various eateries that dot nearby streets. These restaurants have menus that are variously Chinese, Korean, Mexican, American, Continental, or others. The staff running Bali vacation villas can arrange any of these foods to be delivered at the villa.

Indonesian special foods served at many of the restaurants as well as the Bali luxury villas are mainly fried rice and fried noodles known locally as nasi goreng and mie goreng respectively. Those who want to try food that is more diverse and local can also try the food from ‘kaki lima’, as the local roadside food vendors are referred to in Bali. A meatball soup known as bakso, spicy vegetables known as rujak cingur, and spicy vegetables with tofu are among the delicacies they peddle. Besides that there are other specialties like duck, fish, etc. roasted with herbs and wrapped in banana leaves.

Bali vacation villas may not offer the kaki lima menu, but guests can have easy access to such foods directly or can request the villa staff to get it from the vendors. The food is sold by the kaki lima from mobile carts where the food is kept warm all the time with a burner.

Know What All Bali Has to Offer

Bali is a great place to visit during the holidays. Bali is popular for snorkeling and scuba diving sites that are considered to be the best diving sites on earth. Some of the famous destinations worth visiting in Bali include the Menjangan Island that is located off North-West coast. The amazing reefs and sights off the Nusa Penida are other attractions to be enjoyed in Bali. A large number of visitors find that they have fallen for diving and so they often choose to know the SSI or PADI diving qualifications while being in Bali.

Like various south East Asian places, even Bali is a home to various scintillating waterfalls that serve as the chief attractions of this island. You might find yourself lost while on a trekking expedition through the thick canopied forests. Various resorts in Bali are always happy to help the travelers for arranging treks through jungles.

In fact, there is no point going to Bali and not using the emerald waters that surround this island. The seas that surround Bali flaunt some spectacular coral reefs. Also, the fact that there are a plethora of luxurious cruises in Bali, you don’t have to worry about spending great time with your family and friends. On these cruises, you can easily visit the amazing Lembongan Island.

Bali is even world known for the Hindu temples it has. The island is featured with a law that demands every village to serve as a home to at least three temples and so there are a variety of temples to see in Bali. In fact, there is something mystical and exclusive about this island and so a visit to the temples is a great experience for all the visitors. However it is imperative to keep in mind that there is a special dress code when you enter these temples and you need to be respectful while being at these places of worship.

If you really wish to visit paradise during your vacations, Bali is the best place. The unspoiled and young nature of the beaches in Bali is one of the biggest attractions of this island. The palm fringed sands are actually relaxing and inspiring for all the visitors. A large number of travelers wish to enjoy a luxury hotel with beach holidaying and so they take special packages that include water activities and Bali trips. The Nusa Penida and Menjangan Island are really famous for water sports they offer along with scuba diving and other activities.

In short, visiting Bali is just incomplete without enjoying the rice paddies of this land. The fields are scattered over miles and miles and make terraced rows that are just perfect to see. Even the stretch between Amplapura and Candidasa is the most popular region to see rice paddies and thus various tourists wish to take this route through a bicycle- getting fresh air while enjoying the countryside.

So wait no more and pack your bags to indulge in pure nature and take pleasure in exceptional Bali attractions.