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Exploring the Other Faces of Bali

Just staying in your Bali Ubud hotels will never be enough to enjoy a vacation in Bali. As the island is a place which offers a lot of beautiful destinations to enjoy, you as a tourist should not lock up yourself in your hotel room. You should go out and enjoy the different attractions presented to you!

Beaches in Bali are always good destinations but if you are looking for something different, you can visit the Sacred Monkey Forest.

In Padang Tegal, Ubud in Bali, Indonesia, there is one place which tourists must never forget to visit when in the area. It is the Sacred Monkey Forest, a small nature reserve on the outskirts of Ubud, and is one of the primary attractions in Bali.

As implied by the name, the Sacred Monkey Forest features monkeys, most of which are Balinese long-tailed macaques. There are more than 200 of them around the forest, ready to mingle and tolerate human visitors anytime. Others may even strike different poses for photo ops. However, some of them may be nasty, stealing food and sunglasses from tourists. They can be seen on the pathways, playing or lazing off, or in the branches of almost 115 tree species in the place.

These monkeys attract tourists to the place, but most importantly, they act as guardians to the three important temples which situates inside the forest vicinity. There is the Dalem Agung Temple in the middle, the Permandian Temple in the west, and the Prajapati Temple in the southeast.

The Sacred Monkey Forest is more than a tourist attraction. It also plays a significant role in the history of Hinduism in Bali, Indonesia.

If you are not into forest hiking and monkeys, then you would probably like to come to the Tirtha Empul Temple, which is not just beautiful but mystical as well.

According to legends, there was once a ruthless king in Bali, Indonesia called King Mayadenawa who was punished by God Indra. To seek revenge, he mixed poison on the drinking water of the troops. To cure those who have drank the water, God Indra made a fountain erect from the land and splashed water on the inflicted. They were healed; and it is this story which gave the Temple of Tirtha Empul its famous reputation.

The temple is primarily popular for its pools. People flock in and plunge into it with the belief that the water will cure all their diseases like how it did to the troops in the legend.

Also, the Tirtha Empul Temple is known for the majestic architectural designs it shows. The tiered roofs of its merus are primarily distinct.

Basically, visitors are allowed only in the main courtyard where the bathing pools are located. In the courtyard, as well, the twin shrines and the split gate which are acclaimed for its religious charm and appeal can be found.

Let not your Bali trip become limited to beaches and water activities.