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Diving Bali: A Little Piece of Paradise Above and Below the Surface

Bali is primarily known as an exotic holiday destination with beautiful beaches, interesting culture and stunning nature. It is easy to get to and has substantially increased in popularity in the past couple of years. It is still often disregarded as a dive destination, however. As a real cool dive location needs to be remote, right.

One of the Richest Coral Reefs in the World

For years we have been to Indonesia for our diving holidays; Sulawesi, Kalimantan (Indonesian Borneo), you name it. Indonesia’s marine life and reefs are one of the richest in the world and quite affordable once you are there. About 6 years ago we decided to take the plunge and try Bali as well. A decision we have never regretted. The combination of the diversity underwater and the interesting culture above water, make this a top destination. Now, many holidays and dives later, we even have our own dive center here.

But what makes Bali so special. Recently, I read in a Dutch book of the WWF that the coral triangle starts at Bali. “The Coral Triangle is the absolute top of all coral reefs in the world. Nowhere in the world is the diversity greater than in this relatively unknown area between Bali, the Philippines and the Solomon islands.” A statement I can only agree with as Bali has something to offer for each type of diver. For the novice diver and the more adventurous diver, the diver who likes to look at the small marine life and the diver who enjoys the big stuff.

Diving with Manta Rays: a Breathtaking Experience

One of the highlights of diving on Bali is without a doubt a dive site called Manta Point. Manta Point is located near Nusa Penida – an island just off the coast of Bali with a wealth of dive spots. During this dive you just hover in the water at about 5 meters depth. Swimming around is not necessary as all the action happens around one main rock. It will vary each time, but you can encounter groups of 8-10 manta rays here. The rock functions as a cleaning station and the manta rays circle around this area, often in beautiful formations. A breathtaking experience. At times, the manta rays come so close you could touch them.

My most impressive dive here, took place about a year ago. After having marveled at the manta rays for a significant amount of time, together with my husband and another diver, we decided it was time to call it a day. By that time, we were the only divers left. When we swam back to the boat, away from the rock, we were followed by a group of 7 manta rays. In formation, they circled around the three of us at a distance of less than a meter. It felt like some kind of goodbye. It absolutely took my breath away and for me personally, one of my best dives ever. And Manta Point is just one of the many dive sites on Bali. There are over 100 dive spots, so you will never be bored.

An Ideal Combination of Diving, Culture and Beaches

As Bali not only offers stunning marine life, but also culture, beautiful nature and beaches, it is an ideal holiday destination for anyone who wants to do more than just diving. Couples who don’t both dive can both enjoy themselves here. Or if you are looking to do just a few dives and relax on the beach, Bali is the perfect location for you. So my advice to all divers: don’t ignore Bali when planning your next dive holiday as you will miss out on one of the top dive destinations in the world.

A Piece of Advice For Your Vacation at Bali Villas

Having a plan to spend time in Bali with your family or beloved spouse? Or are you about to have a honeymoon in Bali? I suggest you to choose one of the villas in Bali as a place to stay since Bali villas offer you private area and atmosphere just like at home. Kuta is indeed a famous area in Bali but there are other 5 recommended areas in Bali which provide you the best views, services, and surroundings. This kind of villa will make you comfortable as if you are home but with far more brilliant personalized services and favorable facilities. Are you ready?

The first choice in the listings is Seminyak. Seminyak is situated in Badung Regency, north of Legian, within only 30 minutes from the international airport. Most villas in Seminyak are designed luxuriously by placing the unique and elegant elements such as shimmering bath tub and bed which are combined with brilliant lighting technique. As if the beach is yours, indeed the views offered by this area for the private villas are beautiful sandy beach which these beaches play as the playground of the guests, right in front of your door. Meanwhile, though this area is modern with fancy boutiques and eateries everywhere but the location and situation of the villas still ensure your privacy.

In the meantime, the second best area in Bali for private villas is Uluwatu. Uluwatu is considered as holy area for Hindu-Bali people since the great and revered Uluwatu Temple is located there. Therefore, the atmosphere will be calmer than other areas. Bali villas in the surrounding of Uluwatu are superb and pampering you and other travelers with their picturesque sandy white beaches and ocean views. Villas in Uluwatu are also suitable for the surfer communities since these lovely villas are situated right on the beach or with absolute ocean view with powerful waves that challenge the surfer. Meanwhile, for you who love places far from the metropolitan noise, villas in Uluwatu are stunning.

Canggu, an area in Badung regency is also one of top five areas which have super comfortable private villas. As villas in Uluwatu which provide you blue sparkling beach as the view, villas in Canggu also offer beach as the prime view, yet villas with stunning rice field view are also abundant. On the other hand, Ubud which belongs to Gianyar regency will treat the travelers differently. Villas in Ubud have been successful in conveying the Balinese style that is still preserved well in this area. Unlike three other areas which show the best beaches in Bali, villas in Ubud take advantage from the green field as their prime view. However, Ubud is the place to relax, to enliven, and to refresh your body and soul.

Nusa Dua, an area 10 km far from the airport also provide every traveler with fancy private villas by combining modern and minimalist furniture and equipment. The allures of the beach and ocean are truly enchanting and ready to be explored every time you want. Generally, villas in these top 5 areas are worth staying since they are the best to accommodate your needs such as: green tropical yard, cozy semi-open living room, calming bedroom and fantastic en-suite bathroom. No matter which area you choose, all private villas in Bali will treat you just like at your home by the assistances of personal staffs who are ready to keep your comforts and serve you until the very last moment you have to go back to the daily hassle bustle of your daily life.