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Tropical Vacation Rentals in Bali

You and your friends might be wondering where to go next in your summer or spring break. You are too tired of Six Flags, Universal Studios, or camping in the great outdoors. And so you look into other travel destination brochures online to find out other exciting places to go. And then you came across Villas Near Seminyak colorful ads and you got engaged into reading Vacation Rentals in Bali a little bit more and found out that Seminyak hosts one of the most Bali Luxury Private Villas in the area..

Alluring white and fine sand beaches, tall coconut trees, warm wind breezes, and endless clear blue-green waters can only mean a haven for Western travelers who long for a tropical holiday well spent. This usually means a Bali Vacation with loved ones or your dear friends in Bali Villas. Bali Villa Rental is becoming a trend as more tourists discover it has quality amenities with a fraction of the price in the hotels when these Bali Luxury Private Villas are rented in groups. This type of accommodation is usually termed as a Bali Vacation Rental.

The tourism sector could not agree more with this arising type of accommodation due to its higher demand than booking in hotels in the area. Villas rental can have as much as two to five rooms to accommodate you and your whole company. You will be living together in one big house that has complete comfort and facilities almost equal to a four-sided hotel suite.

The good thing about rented villas is the freedom to roam around its premises and have a communal feeling especially when in a group. You can better enjoy the different experiences in staying in Bali and come home to a common place where you can eat and share your stories.

Your group of friends can even enjoy some watersports and local interaction in their long coastline beaches. Bali has been known to be a beautiful diving site with its rich marine and reefs. You can get a tan in their beaches or at the comfort of your terrace villa.

Venue for partying could never have been so easy than before thanks to rented villas. People who know each other can truly celebrate each other’s company in a small private party that can be enjoyed by you and your friends.

You can even find a rented villa that can offer you a tour guide or a driver that can communicate with you in fluent English. They will teach you where to find the best deals for souvenirs or find the most favorite restaurants in town. More so, they can even tell you about the local history and culture that people from Bali has grown with.

Bali is truly a tropical paradise you do not want to miss as one of your lifetime vacation destination. Sharing the adventure with friends can even make it more memorable. So stop going to familiar tourist spots that can get boring – go for the thrill of a tropical haven.

Why the Soaring Popularity of Vacation Rentals?

The traditional concept of the vacation is changing in the new millennium. Vacations are much more than selecting a destination, a hotel and a flight. The contemporary vacation is now infused with purpose, purpose beyond the simple act of escaping the routines of everyday life. People want adventure, history, culture, learning and more. Vacations are becoming an extension of one’s persona.

Fascinated by yoga? Devotees are traveling to India to experience it first hand. Love Chinese food? A vacation in Shanghai is in order, to learn more about it, first hand. Are you a Civil War history buff? Time to trod the Gettysburg National Military Park. Avocations, in other words, are becoming vacations.

So how does this tie in with vacation rentals? In today’s difficult economic climate, it is more important than ever to make sound fiscal decisions. Increasingly, the vacation rental is proving to be the least expensive form of accommodation, and that is especially true for families or friends traveling together. Even if you are traveling alone or as a couple, you can still benefit from the vacation rental financially and aesthetically. I’ll have more on the aesthetic aspect later.

The boom in vacation rentals is not unlike the “Bed & Breakfast” boom of the 1980’s or the “Time Share” of the 1990’s. As people’s tastes and needs change, the free market always seems to find a way to respond.

Although vacation rentals have been around in Europe for years, they are just gaining a foothold in the consciousness of the American traveler. In short, you will not be pioneering a new concept. They’ve been around a while and they have a track record. Interest is growing, primarily for fiscal reasons. It is fact that a vacation rental is usually the least expensive option for families when the benefits are considered in their entirety.

Let’s be realistic. A family of 5 or more is a nightmare in conventional hotel accommodations! The family ends up either very uncomfortable or divided. Neither option is particularly attractive. Then there is the cost! Multiple rooms, meals, gratuities, taxes, laundry, entertainment and the list goes on! These costs often make a decent vacation impossible for the low to middle income family. Enter the vacation rental!

Now you have everyone in the family under one roof. You have a living room, kitchen, bathroom(s), bedrooms, TV, Internet and laundry facilities. It is, quite literally, a home away from home. Doing your own cooking and your own laundry minimizes costs. Keeping your children entertained, occupied and safe is much easier in this environment as compared to a hotel.

I urge you to explore this option as you consider your vacation plans. A number of companies on the Internet specialize in listing vacation rental properties. The sites are professional, informative and, in most cases, easy to navigate. Vacation rentals can be found in almost every conceivable destination from Bali to Bohol.

Earlier, I said we would talk about the aesthetics; so let me close on that point. The vacation rental affords you the opportunity to live among the locals, especially important if your destination is outside the USA. You get a genuine experience of “place”. The character, culture and lifestyle of your destination become a first hand experience. You are a participant rather than an observer. How does one put a price on that?

Eco Conscious Villa Rentals in Bali

The luxury villa rentals in Bali are not just about sophistication and over equipping with modern amenities. The luxury and private villas in Bali preserve the beauty of Balinese ambiance, the woody rustic appearance of the countryside and the richness of the culture which is what sets these luxury villa rentals in Bali apart from other villas.

Villa Taman Ahimsa

A retreat for eco-consciousness, the name of the villa itself means the garden of peace. This lovely abode has used elements of land, sea and the sky to create a peaceful intermingling of natural and artificial components to create an aesthetic setting that helps one to contemplate and recuperate from the strain of day to day life. The base of the philosophy is rooted in Tri Hita Karana which promotes the harmony of human beings, God and nature.

Architecture Dedicated to the Human Spirit

Crown Chakra is the inspiration for the violet colored bedroom called Sahasrana of the Taman Ahimsa villa, enhancing oneness of peace and wisdom. Natural elements like washbasin of river rock and a terrazzo bathtub with rain-showers provide an elegant setting. The Visuddha, with sliding glass doors and windows has a blue theme depicting the Throat chakra for the power of truth and the spoken word. The bathroom floor behind this bedroom is made of ironwood floor that has been recycled.

Anahata, another bedroom which is shaped like a spiral follows the green theme of the heart chakra. It has a garden bathroom, river rock bathtub, private terrace that is covered by small hedges giving the impression of a cliff on the hills. Another bedroom called the Ajna, shaped again like a spiral is indigo after the Third Eye Chakra.

The Manipura or the master bedroom has an unheard of design with a Balinese pond occupying center space and the room is accessed through a wooden bridge across it. The boat shaped curves and high ceilings of the room along with the yellow depiction the combination of Crown Chakras and Solar Plexus helps one reconnect to the spirit. Most of the living area comprises of wooden furniture that has been recycled. Antique wooden panels and copper lanterns have been used to decorate the dining rooms embedded in the open plan of the living room overlooking the beautiful gardens.

Javanese Architecture finds expression too

The luxury villa rentals in Bali are not all based on French architecture. The Khayangan Estate which at one time was the royal residence too, uses a blend of European influences along with Javanese tradition as can be guessed from the architects Cheong Yew Kuan and Jasmine Saunders Davies. Be it the Pondopo centerpieces that have been carved exquisitely, the doors or the floorboards one can find signs of recycled teakwood everywhere. The ceiling to floor glass of the living rooms, natural stone finish and ironwood shingle roofs together make the villa look soaked in nature with lot of natural light and earth settings with a touch of contemporary feeling accentuated by ultra luxurious furnishings.