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Tumpek Landep – Asking For a Sharper Mind

On Balinese schedule, Tumpek Landep is commemorated as soon as in every 210 days, specifically on Saniscara Wage Wuku Landep, which on this day Balinese symbolically placed the offerings as well as the petitions for metal tools, such as equipment, automobiles, cooking area tools, and also others, on an event that takes area inside the residence, house lawn, and also holy place. Tumpek Landep is generally held to hone mind, to be applied to do benefits, due to the fact that Balinese think that the greatest degree as well as the biggest tool of human being is their mind, which can bring somebody to a far better life. As the indication that the event is done, some accessories are generally hanged on the supplied devices, as an appreciation to the God for excellent mind as well as expertise.