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The Variety of Bali Handicrafts

Possibly, there is no place in the world with such high concentration of artisans and craftsmen as in Bali Island. You will be able to discover it here – Balinese painting, mask, wood sculpture, woodcarving, stone carving, silver and gold smiths, basket weavers, egg painting, puppet, terracotta and ceramics, full variety of Bali handicrafts – the list goes on forever. Here is a short list of several of the finest things or products available and you are able to go to find them.

Wood handicrafts and Woodcarving

Traditional Balinese woodcarving has been of religious subjects all the time. In the 1930’s though a new type of carving developed in Mas near Ubud catering to the tourist market. Nowadays, the best Balinese carving galleries are still there. Another main area for wood carving is on the road up to Sebatu village. This is the district where a large amount of the new antiques are made.

The most important part is that you find something you like for a price you can pay for. There are also many other Balinese standards like wooden banana trees, wooden flowers, Bali wooden masks and the type of things that might often be found at cheaper prices. Wood handicrafts for souvenir like wooden nameplate, wooden jewelry boxes, key chains, wind chimes, and many choice types varied of color and form can be found straightforwardly in most art shops in Bali.

Stone Carving

There are many types of stone carving for example traditional Balinese sculpture, hyper-realist animals, modern style, etc. The favored material for stone carving is known as volcanic tuff that resembles the colour of cement when it is newly carved. Many visitors to Bali think that they are cast, not handmade. To see the fact with your own eyes, have a look at the bend in the road in Batubulan village which has long been touted as being the center of stone carvers.

Silver and Gold smiths

The Celuk village is now lined with galleries all selling silver ware. They are typical Balinese work using granulation and a process of attaching gold to the surface of silver. At the moment the industry is very sophisticated and includes everything from traditional pieces to contemporary designs.

Other handmade arts and crafts

These include paintings, wood puppets, shadow puppets, basket weavers, terracotta figurines, ceramics, wooden chess boards, Balinese musical instruments, textiles, costumes, furniture, large potterys from Lombok, leather works from Java, primitive statues from the eastern islands, brass bowls, bronze statues and other decorative items.

Shopping for art and craft is believed to be enjoyable and Bali island is one the best places in the globe to find something attractive and beautiful for yourself or somebody that you love.