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A Bali Beach Villa is the Perfect Setup For an Intimate and Personalized Holiday

The hospitality offered by the staff is world class and the complete setup has an air loaded with romance and relaxation. All you got to do is pack your essentials and fly down to stay in a Bali beach villa.

Bali Island located in the Indian Ocean offers holiday seekers a rare combination of vast sea beaches, mountain terrain and pastures of green. It also offers beautiful temples and forest area together with the coral reefs. Thus Bali presents almost a complete plethora of sites that one can look forward to in a holiday. Interestingly one part of Bali has white sand beaches and the other with black sands. There are plenty of beach activities to keep you interested and when you are done with your sweaty day games, you can come home to the relaxing and personalized services of Bali beach villas. The beach villas are famous for their star amenities and non-intrusive service.

Bali Island is surrounded by the sea on all sides and there are many beaches, which offer you wide opportunities of water sports. The clean white sandy beaches with shallow blue green water will be a sight to behold once to get there. There are facilities of scuba diving, water scooters, snorkeling to name a few adventure activities. You can simply choose to bask in the sun and play beach volleyball. The Bali beach villas at the hotels and resorts are famous for their delectable cuisine and personalized services.

A Bali beach villa will offer you spa treatments given by impeccably trained professional staff. The body treatment programs include a choice of aromatic fragrance massages. You can choose to get the therapy at your own villa or at the spa; there is also a choice of female or male attendant that can be made.

The Bali beach villa is the perfect escape from the fast pace life that we lead today. The Bali beach villas offer ample space and a luxurious ambiance. The facilities include private swimming pool, garden area, a kitchen with complete service, gourmet food, private chef and a host of other services aimed at making your stay a truly special experience. In case you are not an explorer and need to be shown around, there are well laid out plan with a driver in hand to show you the many places worth a visit in this incredibly blessed island. The temples form another part of this beautiful landscape. There are many ancient temples, which offer a serene environment that one might need to relax and meditate. The location and architecture of these sculptures makes you feel one with nature.

At Bali beach villa the best feeling is being so close to nature and watch those very tiny seemingly unimportant things make your holiday time worth remembering. The rising sun in the morning, the birds chirping in your own garden, the lovely music of waves, the mystique of the mountains and the green terrain all make your visit to Bali the most relaxing experience. In addition there is every arrangement made to the finest details to ensure that you have a relaxed time and anything that you would need is just a call away. The staff of Bali beach villas is meticulously trained to ensure service at any hour with a smile to meet your specific needs.

Bali Villa Rental

If you’re looking for a great vacation idea either for a romantic honeymoon or a relaxing family holiday, then you might want to consider renting a private villa in Bali. Bali is the perfect holiday location, whether you are travelling alone, with your partner or with your family. This tiny island boasts stunning beaches, world class culture, amazing shopping and a whole range of activities to suit the whole family.

The main tourist areas of Bali have very different personalities and are suitable for different groups of holiday makers. Kuta is the party central of the island with lots of choices of clubs, restaurants and endless shopping opportunities. For a quieter, more family friendly location, consider Sanur with its calm beaches with shallow water that’s great for children to swim in. Honeymooners will love the exclusive resorts of Nusa Dua, some which have their own private beaches.

There are lots of hotels in Bali to suit all kinds of holiday makers and budgets, but if you really want a holiday to remember you might want to think about hiring your very own private villa. Hiring a villa in Bali means you have somewhere to come back to after your day out that really feels like home. Most villas come with their own staff including security, housekeeper and cook so you never need to worry about cleaning up or preparing dinner. Of course most people will want to eat out at least occasionally but what could be nicer than enjoying a home cooked meal in your own villa overlooking the ocean or a beautiful rice field? Many villas also come with their own private swimming pool and a car with driver who will take you wherever you wish to go.

Villas are available in all sizes to suit couples to large families or groups of friends. If you are travelling in a large group it can often work out cheaper to hire your own villa rather than staying in separate hotel rooms and of course is much more social, allowing you to eat and hang out together.

Things to Do In a Resort Villa

Resorts nowadays are no longer just a place to keep your travelling bags and lock yourself in a room to sleep after a tiring day of long walks and sightseeing. Depending on the type of facilities and amenities being offered in a resort (plus your creativity), there are countless ways of leisurely activities that you can do and maximize what you can get out of what you paid for the duration of your stay.

You can find many resorts with different themes in various parts of the world: tropical, Japanese, Mediterranean, and so on. Now, as soon as you’ve decided where to go, and have made all the necessary arrangements, it’s time to think of the things that you would want to do in your stay. Here are some of them.

Sports and Recreation – Commonly, there’s a pool or beach. Most resorts provide a mini-gym, badminton, basketball, and volleyball courts, among others. And if you’re with family and friends, you can organize a sports fest. Play race games, mind games, different types of board games, for a fun-filled day or weekend while promoting fitness and health.

Romantic Getaway – You can have prior arrangements with the staff, and prepare for a surprise romantic stay. Nothing beats a candlelight dinner by the pool or in a secluded area with a nice violin playing on the background. Sumptuous meal, a nice bottle of fine wine, capped off by a decadent dessert, is just heaven. Or take everything in your room for some cuddling with your partner for a night full of love and affection. Planning to get married? Then propose to her in a well-thought out night just for her.

Family Bonding – With your job eating up most of your time and energy, and the kids being at school or being with friends – a nice family vacation can be fulfilling. Leave all the negativities behind, have this time to become updated of what’s going on with each member’s life, have nice sit down meals together, sing together, whatever you can think of, and simply enjoy each other’s company.

Quiet Time – Stress can put a toll on one’s health – mental or physical. It is therefore a good thing to have a “Me time” once in a while to reconnect with oneself and be rejuvenated in order to be more efficient and productive in the daily dealings of life. Read a book, get as much sleep as you want, meditate, enjoy the waters, the food, scenery, and you’ll know it’s going to be all worth it.