The Mythical Ubud

Ubud is a remarkable place in Bali Island. It is located in the west of Gianyar Regency, close to Badung Regency to the west and separated only by magnificent Ayung River. Ubud district consists of many traditional villages such as...<br /><a class="read-more-button" href="">Read more</a>

Ubud is a remarkable place in Bali Island. It is located in the west of Gianyar Regency, close to Badung Regency to the west and separated only by magnificent Ayung River. Ubud district consists of many traditional villages such as Penestenan, Pengosekan, Kedewatan, Nyuh Kuning, Sayan, Petutu and more. There is none either than Ubud who could represents Bali as a whole here. For years, Ubud is famous as the center of culture in Bali. This is the right place for you to get rid of bikini parades in Kuta, line of shopping center in Seminyak, traffic jam and all hectic life along the south coastal of Bali Island. Ubud brought about something different here. I am a Balinese and even the native would find this city adorable.

History course could help us giving full insight for the title “cultural town” holding by Ubud. Talking about culture in Ubud or Bali in common means that we cannot free from talking about Hinduism in Bali. Although it is looks the same like Hindu develops in India, but Hindu in Bali is unique, it was a perfect blend between Hindu from India and the local believe also well known as Hinduism. The growth of art such as paint, dance, music and architecture in Bali were once solely for their religion or god sake. It is still maintain until today, but with the influence of modernity, the art that was once binds by religious acts starting finds its liberal ways in what we call art exploration.

Talking about art liberation in Ubud means that we have slight introduction to foreign artists’ intervention as well as the inseparable role from the Ubud royal itself. Around 1920 lots foreigner artists came to Ubud and in 1930 encouraged by the royal family, some of them stay longer, giving a chance for artists like Walter Spies and Rudolph Bonnet promoting their understanding about Balinese art and culture to the world. Whilst at the same time, their style of art, especially in painting, influenced the local artisan to liberate their creativity from traditional values only. Art and culture solely for the religious purpose is strictly maintain but chance for the artisan in Ubud to explore their uniqueness is also been given for them. The significant development of painting in Ubud showed by number of museums built such as Agung Rai Museum, The Blanco Renaissance Museum, Neka Art Museum, Seniwati Gallery of Art and more. Nowadays, Penestenan Village is the perfect place in Ubud where you can find painters with unique style of painting, especially for the young generation with style famous in Bali even abroad.

Although painting can be considered went through advance development, Ubud not only have talented and prestigious painters only, In Teges Village you can find many artistic and imaginative sculpture ever made, then in Mas village their wooden handicraft is the best ever in Bali and known worldwide. Do not let yourself not to visit Peliatan village, as the place where Legong Dance developed and for those interested in Balinese ancient architecture, make sure to visit Ubud castle, Monkey Forest for its charming but complex temple design as well as Goa Gajah built in 11 AD.

Aside from art and culture, it is hard to deny that Ubud is one of those lands on earth blessed by Mother Nature. The strategic location allowed Ubud to have cooler atmosphere so you will find the weather convenience enough when visiting this place. Ubud is also the perfect place for you enjoying only the magnificent nature. It has beautiful terrace rice field, wondrous Ayung River, forest and mountain that will only bring peace for your soul.

Starting from 1960s onwards, Ubud had been gone through several developments in order to fulfill the demand of tourism advance. Since then, gradually number hotels, restaurants and villas in Ubud are developed. Recently, Ubud is a high profile area and a top class international destination, but at the same time still maintaining its integrity as the center of Balinese art and culture.

The people here are always pleasantly welcoming those who visiting Ubud. This is the place on earth loved by its people and eventually makes lots foreigner fell in love. Visiting Ubud means enjoying fresh cool weather, meeting friendly people, get in touch with overflowing culture, set foot on heaven of inspiration breathe genuine Balinese atmosphere. This is the place for real paradise in Bali. The fact is Ubud never left their culture and holds strongly their status as the prominent center for Balinese culture. This place has balancing modernity and old believe together, proved by the preserve existence of art and culture as the soul for its people to life and the air for them to breath, that without it, they would die in emptiness.

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