Enjoying a True Bali Travel Experience

Looking for a great location for getting away from it all where you can relax and just leave all your worries behind! Bali, Indonesia is a great vacation destination! Bali, Indonesia also known as “The Island of the Gods” could be the solution to your craving for travel and leisure. It is a small island that has much to offer ranging from beautiful white sandy beaches, lakes, palm groves, mountains, coral reefs, wildlife and lots of culture.

Bali lies between Java and Lombok with a population of around three million people, as recorded in 2005. Though a small island, Bali is the largest tourist destination and the wealthiest region in Indonesia. Its aesthetically impressive wood carvings, majestic stone gates, rich culture and arts are just a few reasons to visit this beautiful island.

Greatly influenced by Indian and Chinese cultures, the religion in Bali is predominantly Hinduism but in the form of “Agama-Hindu.” This is shown in their music, drama, art, costumes and festivals which take place daily. The most widely spoken language in Bali is Balinese or simply Bali. People residing in Bali are either bilingual or trilingual. If you were to ask a Balinese what heaven is like, he would most likely say, just like Bali.

The most recommended tourist destinations in Bali are mostly found in the southern part of the island. The southern beaches have the most beautiful blue water and pristine white sandy beaches in which you will find yourself just wanting to relax and enjoy the sun. A few of the must-see beaches you’ll want to visit are Sanur Beach, Kuta and Nusa Dusa.

Those who are up for some sightseeing and adventure can visit the island’s 10,000 temples. They all have different meanings as to their direction of which they are facing. It is believed in Bali that Gods dwell in the mountains and demons in the ocean.

Here are some additional suggested sites to visit in Bali:

* Bali Orchid Garden

* Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary

* Pura Ulun Danu Bratan

* Gunung Kawi

* Museum Le Mayeur

So what are you waiting for? If you want to get away from stress and the city then Bali is the perfect place to unwind and relax It’s a truly perfect destination for those who would want to spend some time away or some time with others to enjoy an enriching, enlightening and luxurious experience! Experience Heaven here on earth, experience Bali Indonesia.

Mount Agung

Travelling has been the hobby or passion of many people in many countries and they want to explore different countries every time but as life goes on people run out of places to visit and keep searching for a place to spend a holiday, and that might be why you are viewing this content on the internet. So today I am going to tell you about an exotic place where I myself have experienced a wonderful time eith my family on our annual summer holiday.

Bali, an exotic island in the beautiful country of Indonesia, is where I went on my last summer holidays with my family and there I experienced a whole new meaning of the beauty of a landscape. Our destination in Bali was the Mount Agung or Gunung Agnung as the people of Bali call it. Well I will point some of the facts of the Mount Agung so that it can help you to understand more of its importance to the People of Bali. First of all Mount Angung is a stratovolcano, which means that it erupts occasionally in a certain period of time, it is 3,148 meters high. And the fact that it is the highest point in Bali makes it more interesting to visit. Mount Agung creates a mysterious barrier in which the western side of the mountain is green and full of vegetation. The mount Agung has last erupted between the year 1963 to 1964 and the massive volcano or mountain is still active. Mount Agung is normally covered with clouds which make it difficult to see the wondrous beauty and it is worth wide to visit this wonderful creation of god. The wonderful people of Bali believes that According to Hinduism and Buddhism the people of these religions believe that a mountain called Meru is the center of all things that exist in this universe, so the people of Bali describe Mount Agung as a imitation or it itself if a fragment of the Mount Meru, which was gotten by the Hindus who came to Bali.

As the population of Bali is only 3 million it is quiet a peaceful place to live and spend a wonderful vacation in. The most important place to visit near the Mount Agung is the PuraBesakih, a sacred temple of the Agama Hindu people, it is also known as The Mother Temple of Besakih, it was built in the 14th century and was positioned in the slopes of Mount Agung. The PuraBesakih consists of 22 shrines and is actually complex. The center of the several temples is the PuraPenataranAgung, which is also referred as the lotus throne, the people focuses most of the rituals here. Another place you might like to visit is the wonderful steps near the PuraPenataranAgung.

You can find many climbing guides up the Mount Agung and most of them seem difficult but actually it really very easy to climb compared to the other mountain but it is valuable once you have reached the peak. You have to start climbing the mountain many hours before dawn so you can experience the full beauty of the Views. The thing you have to take with you to the trip is Food, Water, warm clothes, waterproof clothes and a very bright flashlight. But sometimes many festivals are held and at that time the tourists are not allowed to climb mountain, this usually occurs in the month of April. You can either go to the west of Besakih or you can travel south from the PuraPasarAgung. The west of Besakih will take you about 6 to 7 hours and the south route to the top will take you about 3 to 4 hours. However the South route ends up to a 100m below the actual peak but the west of Besakih route will take you straight to the top of Mount Agung.

Mount Agung is referred to be the most sacred mountain to the Hindus because most of the Balinese people believe on the Holy Water religion, which is a party of the Hindus. The people there are quite friendly and helpful. The people there are quiet and peaceful and does not do harm to those who come to their country to spend a nice, peaceful, relaxing, luxurious vacation under the sun and sometimes in the fog near the great Mount Agung.

Why the Soaring Popularity of Vacation Rentals?

The traditional concept of the vacation is changing in the new millennium. Vacations are much more than selecting a destination, a hotel and a flight. The contemporary vacation is now infused with purpose, purpose beyond the simple act of escaping the routines of everyday life. People want adventure, history, culture, learning and more. Vacations are becoming an extension of one’s persona.

Fascinated by yoga? Devotees are traveling to India to experience it first hand. Love Chinese food? A vacation in Shanghai is in order, to learn more about it, first hand. Are you a Civil War history buff? Time to trod the Gettysburg National Military Park. Avocations, in other words, are becoming vacations.

So how does this tie in with vacation rentals? In today’s difficult economic climate, it is more important than ever to make sound fiscal decisions. Increasingly, the vacation rental is proving to be the least expensive form of accommodation, and that is especially true for families or friends traveling together. Even if you are traveling alone or as a couple, you can still benefit from the vacation rental financially and aesthetically. I’ll have more on the aesthetic aspect later.

The boom in vacation rentals is not unlike the “Bed & Breakfast” boom of the 1980’s or the “Time Share” of the 1990’s. As people’s tastes and needs change, the free market always seems to find a way to respond.

Although vacation rentals have been around in Europe for years, they are just gaining a foothold in the consciousness of the American traveler. In short, you will not be pioneering a new concept. They’ve been around a while and they have a track record. Interest is growing, primarily for fiscal reasons. It is fact that a vacation rental is usually the least expensive option for families when the benefits are considered in their entirety.

Let’s be realistic. A family of 5 or more is a nightmare in conventional hotel accommodations! The family ends up either very uncomfortable or divided. Neither option is particularly attractive. Then there is the cost! Multiple rooms, meals, gratuities, taxes, laundry, entertainment and the list goes on! These costs often make a decent vacation impossible for the low to middle income family. Enter the vacation rental!

Now you have everyone in the family under one roof. You have a living room, kitchen, bathroom(s), bedrooms, TV, Internet and laundry facilities. It is, quite literally, a home away from home. Doing your own cooking and your own laundry minimizes costs. Keeping your children entertained, occupied and safe is much easier in this environment as compared to a hotel.

I urge you to explore this option as you consider your vacation plans. A number of companies on the Internet specialize in listing vacation rental properties. The sites are professional, informative and, in most cases, easy to navigate. Vacation rentals can be found in almost every conceivable destination from Bali to Bohol.

Earlier, I said we would talk about the aesthetics; so let me close on that point. The vacation rental affords you the opportunity to live among the locals, especially important if your destination is outside the USA. You get a genuine experience of “place”. The character, culture and lifestyle of your destination become a first hand experience. You are a participant rather than an observer. How does one put a price on that?