Enjoy Ubud’s Arts, Crafts and Culture on Bali Holidays

If you’re considering a holiday in Bali but want to do more than soak up some rays, a trip to Ubud should be a priority when it comes to your itinerary.

Bali is famed for its beach holiday offerings, but if you head a little further inland you’ll find a cultural hotspot in the form of the town of Ubud.

This particular area is home to some fascinating ruins dating back to the ancient Bali kingdom and should therefore be visited by anyone with a passing interest in the island’s history.

Here you can see the Tirta Empul temple, as well as the temples and museum in Pejeng, which is situated a few kilometres away.

The Goa Gajah cave – whose name translates into Elephant Cave – has an unusual demon-shaped opening and legend says that the rocky attraction was created from a fingernail belonging to a giant.

If you want to indulge your interest in historical attractions further, a trip to nearby Bedulu might be worthwhile as it is home to numerous archaeological sites.

Meanwhile, if all you want to do is relax, look into the various spas offering all manner of treatments and services that are located in the Ubud area.

Conversely, if you’re the active type, why not try a spot of white water rafting or another adrenaline-pumping pursuit? Bali is a particularly scenic island, so there’s plenty of scope for long hikes taking in some spectacular views.

If you’re interested in the local culture, make sure you check out the various dance performances on offer in Ubud.

Weekly Kecak, Legong and Barong dance shows are a fixture in Ubud, as are the Ramayana and Mahabharata ballets and concerts by the local orchestra, which uses traditional instruments.

For a wildlife-themed day trip, it might be a good idea to head to the Ubud Monkey Forest, which is a temple complex and nature reserve that houses hundreds of long-tailed macaque monkeys.

Ubud is a unique destination when it comes to Bali holidays, so make sure you don’t miss this hotbed of arts, history and culture on your trip to the Indonesian island.

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Enjoying a True Bali Travel Experience

Looking for a great location for getting away from it all where you can relax and just leave all your worries behind! Bali, Indonesia is a great vacation destination! Bali, Indonesia also known as “The Island of the Gods” could be the solution to your craving for travel and leisure. It is a small island that has much to offer ranging from beautiful white sandy beaches, lakes, palm groves, mountains, coral reefs, wildlife and lots of culture.

Bali lies between Java and Lombok with a population of around three million people, as recorded in 2005. Though a small island, Bali is the largest tourist destination and the wealthiest region in Indonesia. Its aesthetically impressive wood carvings, majestic stone gates, rich culture and arts are just a few reasons to visit this beautiful island.

Greatly influenced by Indian and Chinese cultures, the religion in Bali is predominantly Hinduism but in the form of “Agama-Hindu.” This is shown in their music, drama, art, costumes and festivals which take place daily. The most widely spoken language in Bali is Balinese or simply Bali. People residing in Bali are either bilingual or trilingual. If you were to ask a Balinese what heaven is like, he would most likely say, just like Bali.

The most recommended tourist destinations in Bali are mostly found in the southern part of the island. The southern beaches have the most beautiful blue water and pristine white sandy beaches in which you will find yourself just wanting to relax and enjoy the sun. A few of the must-see beaches you’ll want to visit are Sanur Beach, Kuta and Nusa Dusa.

Those who are up for some sightseeing and adventure can visit the island’s 10,000 temples. They all have different meanings as to their direction of which they are facing. It is believed in Bali that Gods dwell in the mountains and demons in the ocean.

Here are some additional suggested sites to visit in Bali:

* Bali Orchid Garden

* Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary

* Pura Ulun Danu Bratan

* Gunung Kawi

* Museum Le Mayeur

So what are you waiting for? If you want to get away from stress and the city then Bali is the perfect place to unwind and relax It’s a truly perfect destination for those who would want to spend some time away or some time with others to enjoy an enriching, enlightening and luxurious experience! Experience Heaven here on earth, experience Bali Indonesia.