A Bali Villa Resort Offers the Ultimate Vacation Package

Bali is rife with pristine beaches, which attracts vacationers in droves. Part of the island nation of Indonesia, Bali holds many resorts along its beaches. Some of the more popular beach destinations in Bali include Seminyak, Jimbaran, Kuta, Legian, and Nusa Dua. There are also some very attractive yet less popular areas in Bali, which offer a great deal of privacy, and thus, should be considered. The most well known beaches in Bali have a Bali villa resort, which provide guests with the utmost in luxury, a personalized touch and a relaxing atmosphere.

A Bali villa resort in the Kuta area tends to be the most popular destination for vacationers in Bali. There are many other places where you can stay in Kuta, such as regular hotels or renting an apartment. But to get the most out of your vacation, a Bali villa resort is your best choice. Kuta is located in southern Bali and boasts of great surf for riding waves. The best time to visit Kuta beach is from July to August, and then again from around Christmas and New Years.

Kuta offers excitement during the day and evening. Engage in various beach activities, or enjoy some shopping and local cuisine along the beach. Enjoy some fun nightlife when the sun goes down. The staff at a Bali villa resort can provide recommendations on where to go in the area and when. They can also help arrange guided tours around the island. The beaches at Kuta are a spectacular site and appear to go on forever. The beaches offer a variety of activity options, such as wakeboarding, surfing, flying kites in the ocean breeze, or simply relaxing and soaking in the island sun. There is also the Waterbom Waterslide Park not too far from there, which the kids and adults alike are sure to enjoy. You can also have a luxurious spa treatment without having to leave your very own Bali villa resort.

For those who are even more adventurous, you can get in the large slingshot on Kuta beach and be shot through the air to a distance of about 52 meters. There are even two seats in the slingshot, so you and a partner can participate in this daring feat together. At the beaches the family can enjoy swimming in the crystal clear waters or even try their hand at surfing. You can relax on the beach while the children play in the beautiful white sand. Best of all, when you return to the Bali villa resort, you can partake in the very best in delicious local cuisine. You can even make a special request to have your private Bali villa resort chef personalize a menu for you.

A resort offers a complete vacation package for those traveling to Bali. Make the best of your vacation and book a luxury villa at a Bali villa resort today.

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Bali Holiday Travel and Accommodation

Here is a short bit of information on Bali holiday adventures. Me and the family has been to Bali 4 times in the last three years and have always had the most exiting time in Bali. We have had some great experiences including some not so pleasing one’s also.

One i can think of was when we visited the Bali safari park when my wife, son who was then 3 and my daughter who was 2 were having a photo taken with an orangutan which after were going to view the pictures taken when my little son slipped down the step and tumbled fore head first in to a post his face was absolutely covered in blood, the guide as me if he could pick him up and run to the first aid room with him. So i raced of following the worker of the Bali Safari park with my son and had his head all cleaned up and bandaged. I must say the staff did a great job of trying to look after my son.

We generally stay at the beach resorts which are always friendly and family orientated. The Jayakarta is a favorite as we have now stayed there on two visits to Bali and are planning to stay there for our next trip in 2011. Bali beach accommodation seems to be the preferred selection in my view as this is where i prefer to stay when visiting Bali. There is always friendly people everywhere you look, we have met some of the greatest people who we now call friends and keep in regular contact with.

There is so much Bali holiday accommodation available to choose from. Bali hotels and villas seem to be the most popular by far.

The Bali beach hotels seem to do a roaring trade and are also one of my favorites. When looking for bali holiday accommodation there are a number of factors you should be thinking of :

1. What are you looking to be doing on your holiday? are you looking to be staying in the resort or hotel quite a bit maybe lazing around the pool.

2. Do you like the fast living or do you just intend on taking it easy? There are numerous activities you can be doing in Bali, Surfing, Diving, Doing the slides at Water Bom Park, Visiting Ubud and the monkey forest or mabee having lunch at the volcano whatever the holiday you are on you can find a world of tours and activities.

I also love the beach and sitting down at one of the beach bars in the afternoon for a few quiet ones while the wife gets a pedicure and does a little bargaining and the kids are playing in the sand. You always end up in a group talking about your travels while we all are watching the sun go down.

If you like shopping then there is plenty of supermarket and shopping centres and you won’t be able to miss the thousands of stalls selling products, clothing, ornaments and plenty more. I hope to fill you in on the next post.

So next time you are looking t

Get A Close Encounter With Nature In Bali

Nature has always been one of the things which Bali will always be proud of. Despite the spawning luxury Bali hotels, restaurants and other commercial structures in the island, the wonderful nature it has is steadfastly protected and preserved. In Bali, people are indeed given the rare opportunity to have a close encounter with Mother Nature.

In the northern part of Bali, there is this one prestigious paradise which must be visited by tourists. It is the magnificent Munduk Waterfalls. Located in the steep Munduk Village and sitting on an altitude of about 800 meters above sea level, a trip to the Munduk Waterfalls will surely bring forth a spectacular experience.

Before laying eyes on the splendid beauty of the waterfall, people will have to succumb to a wonderful nature reserve welcoming them. Seeing the attraction brings anyone to a short hiking adventure deep in the rain forest of Munduk Village. The jungle is made spectacular by giant bamboo trees and colorful flowers and plants. Tourists will not have a hard time trekking, though, since most of the tracks to the waterfall are paved already. Signboards are also provided for the ease of the visitors.

A few minutes of walking will lead to the breathtaking site of Munduk Waterfalls. It is exceptionally beautiful during the mornings when there is still fog. People can take pictures with the falls’ glory as background. If lucky, they could even capture a small rainbow crossing under the waterfall. People are allowed to plunge into the deep, cold water.

But if swimming and trekking is not satisfactory, then people should try visiting the spectacular and very picturesque Jateluwih Rice Terraces.

One of the favourite tourist destinations in Bali is the Jateluwih Rice Terraces. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site which is located in an altitude of 700 meters above the sea; and evident on its stunning beauty, it is known as the perfect rice terraces in Bali.

It is really difficult to believe that these rice terraces are actually made by the hands of the locals. It is exceptionally beautiful during the harvest seasons when the layers of fields are covered with lush green carpets of rice plants. During the mornings, when the dawn is breaking, the view is breathtaking; especially when the rays of the mighty sun start embracing the field – all these with the silhouette of Mount Batukaru in the background. It exhibits the best scenery one could ever get in Bali.

The Jateluwih Rice Terraces is located in a quite far-off place in Bali that is why it is not often visited by tourists. But despite its remote whereabouts, coming to this wonderful natural scenery is worth the effort and time. People should not worry about staying here late because there will always be a cheap Bali hotel anywhere in the island for those who need it.

The Munduk Waterfalls and the Jateluwih Rice Terraces are just two of the spectacular destinations to allow people to have a close encounter with nature.