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Bali Holiday Accommodation For You

Whenever we think of Bali, we are immediately transported to a land of magical, natural beauty with exotic beaches, gardens, the mighty sea, meandering rivers, and the natives of the island. A large number of foreign travelers from all over the world visit Bali in search of a break from their daily strenuous lives. Since Bali is a thriving tourist destination, there are various types of accommodation options available for people of different categories.

Different types of Bali accommodation units

Accommodation units in Bali are available at hotels and villas. Hotels may be divided into categories like budget hotels, cheap hotels, and luxury hotels depending on the facilities provided by them and the price of the services. Villas are meant for tourists who can afford to spend lavishly. The southern part of Bali Island is filled with several luxury and budget hotels. Especially, the areas of Nusa Dua, Kuta, and Jimbran have a host of luxury hotels for tourists. It is always helpful to do a bit of research work on the Internet about various vacation packages offered by different hotels in Bali, before you zero in on one of them.

Some of the packages might be a little more flexible than the others in terms of facilities. You might even reserve a plush bungalow for your sojourn. Bali is home to some of the best vacation rentals in the world. There are villas located atop hills as well as hotels on the beautiful white sandy beaches. The scenic beauty of Bali is unmatchable and most of the accommodation units provide a breathtaking view of the beautiful surroundings.

The villas of Bali – The best way to experience Bali hospitality

You will be able to experience the best of Bali hospitality at the villas in Bali. The villas are situated mostly amidst tropical gardens that give you a novel experience, away from the concrete jungle. The villas offer facilities similar to those offered at five star hotels. The luxury villas feature private swimming pools, restaurants offering excellent delicacies, spa centers offering different types of spa treatments to relax the mind and body, and lounge areas with private dining facilities as well. Villas at beach resorts are quite popular among tourists because of their position on the serene beaches and the facilities they offer.

Hence, when it comes to hospitality, Bali is unmatchable and to experience this you must visit Bali at least once in your lifetime.

Nusa Dua Puts Travelers Within Reach of Bali’s Best Attractions

Making the decision to centre a Bali vacation around a hotel in Nusa Dua is an excellent choice for those who want to take in the best this tropical paradise has to offer.

Although on the Indonesian island’s southern side, Nusa Dua is rich with the types of attractions that make Bali so appealing to holidaymakers.

When the selected Bali accommodation is in Dua, vacationers will have the opportunity to take in some incredible sights. Dua is considered a resort community and has all of the modern accommodations holidaymakers seek out. This region of Bali is popular because of its:

* Beaches – Situated directly on the Indian Ocean, Dua is loaded with beaches that are ideal for sunset strolls, swimming, sunbathing, surfing, scuba diving and more. Dreamland Beach is one of the area’s most popular. It is a favourite for surfers, especially those on the intermediate level. Nusa Dua Beach is also considered tops with tourists. The beaches in this region are famed for their pristine white sand.

* Golfing opportunities – As a resort area, Nusa Dua does offer holidaymakers when a penchant for golf plenty of opportunities to get in a few rounds. Bali Golf and Country Club is one of the area’s most famed courses, offering 18 holes with incredible seaside views.

* Art – Local artwork and crafts are always on display and for sale in the many shops and galleries within Nusa Dua. For those who want to get a real taste of fine art, however, the Pasifika Museum awaits. This destination houses and extensive collection of works from all over the world. Although it features Indonesian artists prominently, it also has pieces from Italy, France and beyond.

* Shopping destinations – Nusa Dua is the place to be if shopping is a passion. The Bali Collection is perhaps the area’s biggest draw for shoppers. This outdoor mall features a large collection of international stores and local boutiques, as well.

* Cuisine – The taste buds will not suffer during a Bali vacation if Nusa Dua is the destination. This area offers foods from all over the world. It is possible to sup on the flavours of Indonesia one night and dine on Russian cuisine the next. Other possibilities include American, French, Mexican and more.

* Natural sights – N Dua is located just a short boat ride away from Pulau Penyu, or Turtle Island. This conservation site is home to many turtles, komodo dragons, birds, snakes and more.

* Historic sites – The nearby village of Uluwatu offers holidaymakers in Nusa Dua a chance to explore some of Bali’s history. Perhaps the most famous site in the region is the Uluwatu temple, which is built on a cliff above the Indian Ocean. This 11th century site is considered one of Bali’s six directional temples.

Nusa Dua is an extraordinary home base for Bali vacations. This resort area provides holidaymakers the opportunity to take in the sights, sounds, flavours and beaches that make this tropical paradise one worth visiting.

South Kuta General Travel Information

The hotels in South Kuta are categorized along the same lines as the rest of Bali and you may find the same assortment of accommodation anywhere that you need to stay. The basic hotels offer budget rooms that aren’t fancy, but are always clean and neat and are extremely cheap for those on a really tight budget. Then you may find places that offer moderate accommodation with a few additional facilities like their own cafe and bar. Next are the superior types of places which will be rated by stars, often from 3-5 stars and offer you better views and more personalized service.

Deluxe hotels are 4-5 stars that as you are expecting will be of a much better standard with pretty much all that you need to chill on your holiday without venturing too far. These places will have in-house spas, massages and shopping areas. Then if you want to splash out you can go for pure luxury, these are the top Bali hotels that are all over Bali and South Kuta luxury hotels are a selection of the finest to be found on the island. Everything found in these establishments is 5 stars, the cafes, bars, coffee bars and shops, they offer everything the other hotels have plus a lot more, pampered is a good way to explain how you may feel when staying there.

The bulk of folk who visit Bali will come to go to the white sandy beaches and clear blue seas that are in and around Kuta. Being such a popular destination you will find many hotels to stay in that offer every type of services and individual packages to suite your wishes. South Kuta was not always a bustling tourist attraction, with restaurants, discotheques, shopping areas and all the conveniences that holiday makers have come to expect when visiting such a lovely island. Not such a long time ago it had been a quiet fishing town with fishing boats lining the beach and simple houses made from bamboo along the shore where now stands all the craft shops, wonderful restaurants, up market bars and clubs.

The bulk of South Kuta hotels have an internet site that you can book your stay through and make the start to your holiday a simple one. Having a hotel booked is especially important if you’re traveling a long distance to get to Bali. After arriving an Ngurah airport on one of the long haul Bali flights the very last thing the majority wish to do is go gallivanting around. It’s best to head straight from the airport, drop your bags and relax for a couple of hours and get some shut eye.

Having a holiday in Bali will leave you feeling rejuvenated and prepared to take on the real world again. To make sure that your holiday is an agreeable one and not ruined by simply avoidable mishaps, use some common sense and do not forget that you are on holiday this is when folk tend to let their guard down.

Keep your valuables, jewelry and most importantly your visa cards and passport in a secure place. Never leave them abandoned, if your hotel has safes utilize them. Each hotel will charge differently, but it is really worth the extra cost than having to cope with the problems that stem from lost passports and visa cards.

When traveling into the more rural areas you may come across some, how to put it, less than desirable toilet facilities. Always carry a roll of toilet paper with you, even some budget hotels don’t have any, and some hand cleaner. If you finish up looking round for the handle to flush the toilet and are scratching your head, look left or right next to the bowl. The bucket with the scoop in, that is what you are looking for, scoop the water and flush, all part of the experience.

The majority of the temples in Bali need you to wear a sarong when entering. You can rent one at every temple as you visit, but if you intend to go to many temples it’s a good idea to buy your own when you arrive or bring one from home.