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Trends in Window Shades

Over the past few years, home decorating and home remodeling has seen a change in trends. Not immune to this change are window blinds. Window blinds have seen a variety of alterations ranging from the subtle to the extreme.


One of the biggest things on the minds of our world is the act of preserving it. Environmental conservation is often the reason behind many trends. We want to go green and we want to do it fast. Bali Blinds carries a line of environmentally responsible window blinds. Bali blinds are made in factories that make an effort to recycle and help your home be more energy efficient. Bali shades are known for having the ability to block the loss of heat and reduce the ability of UV rays to enter a home. They also help to better insulate your windows. This makes your home more energy efficient and saves you money while reducing your carbon footprint.

Do it Yourself

One huge trend among home owners that is sweeping the nation it is the concept of do-it-yourself work. DIY home improvement has also changed the way home owners purchase blinds. Home owners are now often in the market for blinds that install easily. Bali shades are a popular choice because of their reputation of easy installation and require little maintenance.


Another trend among window blinds is the tone down of colors. Colors are no longer complex, bold, or busy. Instead the trend is to go with cooler colors like blues, aquas, and light greens. Natural colors, such as brown, wood and other earth tones are also gaining and maintaining popularity.


For many, the simpler something is, the better it is. That is the reason simplicity is becoming a trend among window treatments. Many people prefer to have other decorations and furniture in their house serve as their form of self expression, while the window blinds are used to serve the simple purpose of regulating light, privacy and temperature. Cordless blinds offer clean and simple styling that doesn’t draw too much attention.


Window shades are a personal choice. They reflect your tastes in color, texture, and ambiance. The most important things to keep in mind when shopping for Bali blinds and other d?�cor is the sky, at least the ceiling, is the limit. Feel free to use them any way you desire.

Different Types Of Window Blinds for the Home

No home would be complete without the perfect type of window blinds. Whether they be decorational purposes only, or for keeping the sun out, there are many different styles and varieties. For instance, there are blackout blinds. These are what you would use on your window if you were ever working a graveyard shift in which you would be sleeping during the day, or perhaps if you happen to have a streetlight right outside your window, these would help prevent the light from coming in.A�A�

There are many different colors of window blinds for people to choose from. For instance, they should probably match whatever room they will be going in. Or, if you happen to be a simpler type of person plain white blinds will usually match just about anything. There are many other different types of blinds, these ones are just the most basic.A�A�There are two different types of blinds that are the most popular. First, there is the basic mini blind which has one inch slats and run horizontally. These type are usually the most popular type of blind because they are very inexpensive and very easy to install.

The next type of blind that would be found A�often would be a vertical blind. This type of blind is usually found in three inch slats and can often be seen on a sliding glass door. However, they are also very popular on a picture window. These type of window blinds are made of a stiffer type of fabric which is also more durable.A�A�

The last type of window blinds that will be mentioned here will be wooden blinds. These type of blinds come in bamboo as well as faux wood. They are very beautiful to look at, but not so easy to keep clean. It may be a good idea to use a feather duster on these types of blinds. Is important to understand that wooden blinds will be easily damaged from the sun. Therefore, they may not last as long as plastic blinds. No matter which types of windowA�covering that you choose to decorate your home with, you can rest assured that you will make the right choice if you just begin by doing your research.

Pleated Window Shades

Currently across the world elegance and classy appearance are the final effects expected out of any building built on the earth surface and due to this pleated window shades have become the only solution to this need. These shades are also one way of having window coverings in any building that is being used for a wide range of needs. These shades come in a wide variety of colors, textures and also styles which all transform into varying types of designs in the long run. Pleated window shades are in most cases referred to as pleated blinds now that they offer that stylish look at those affordable prices to the users.

These shades offer a wide variety when it comes to their operating system; however the functioning of the system will majorly depend on the kind of brand bought in the market. Pleated window shades vary in brands and some of them commonly in use are those made of traditional pull chords, spring loaded rails, continuous cord loops and top down-bottom up. All these options provide the customers with a better selection which will fit their taste easily and due to this these shades will be able to attract many more people into buying them for their homes and other buildings.

In addition also the costs of living is sky rocketing across the world and so the presence of different brands allow pleated window shades to have that better customer base now that it will attract all income groups without any discrimination at all. Other people may be living with different kinds of style and so the presence of these brands shows that it will make many people to choose pleated window shades for different types of occasions and different groups of ages in life.

On the side of light control pleated window shades have been made in a manner that will allow only considerable levels of light into the room. Users may improve the amount of privacy in the room by adding in them an opaque liner fabric so that too much light will be controlled easily because the amount of harmful rays have been increasing day in day out. The best technology have been chosen for these shades so that it will keep the pleats in a uniform shape and also prevent them from becoming loose; ladder support usually prevent them from sagging.

People wishing to have these types of window coverings in their homes must be able to have better selections so that they will buy those which will fit their windows easily. The ultimate goal of these shades is to improve the light control and at the same time improving the kind of outlook in the home and so due to this specific acquisition must only be committed in the long run.